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Blackjacks Rally Behind Park Bom!

I normally don’t blog about 2NE1 because I want to be a blogger without bias. I have no problem standing by my idols when they are in the right and supporting them if they need to improve after a fault. I am writing this entry to show support for Park Bom (Bommie noona) and express my feelings about the recent news concerning her. It is true that I do not know her personally, but I have been a Blackjack since 2NE1’s debut and I have followed them closely. I am proud to call myself a Blackjack and be part of YG Family, which is known for its strong bonds. The aspect of this situation I am disappointed in is the reactions I have read about some netizens online. The netizens in Kpop news are often assumed to be South Korean and this is used by some international fans to prove that Korean netizens are worse. This is not always the case and I’m not going to assume the same thing, but the netizens in question are the type I usually see in news labeled as a “scandal”. They condemn the person in question, demand an unreasonable punishment and vanish if the person is proven innocent. Sometimes they even come back as a person condemning others for what they did before all the facts were out.  The issue this time involves medication/drugs and that is a not an issue that is taken lightly in South Korea like most places in the world.

Park Bom (Bommie) is known as a gentle and kind woman by Blackjacks, BOMbshells (Park Bom fans) and YG Family stans. Responses, to name a few, to this news about “drug smuggling” were “No real fan would believe it” and “Bommie would only smuggle food ><“.

[Source: hellokpop.com] Link: http://tinyurl.com/q4v3th4

Park Bom is the oldest member of the 2NE1, but has the bubbliest personality for a women her age. This is not to be confused with immaturity because Bommie has shown her wisdom in knowing when to act serious, such as an instance when she stopped a security personnel near her from shoving a fan away.  This drug smuggling case came out in 2010 when Park Bom was trying to come back into South Korea with Amphetamine. This drug is usually given to people with disorders pertaining to the nervous system, such as narcolepsy or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). I cannot find the footage from 2NE1 TV when Bommie was sick in L.A. or articles on why she was prescribed with amphetamine, but the facts state there was a prescription. This is where the issue becomes difficult. It is accepted that the trip was from the U.S. to South Korea and 2NE1 did take a trip to L.A. in 2010. The drug is heavily regulated in the U.S. and it is said it can only be prescribed once a month, but it can be prescribed if a doctor decides the drug is necessary. However, South Korea appears to have a law about amphetamine that says the drug is banned in the country under all conditions. This means that a prescription for the drug does not allow it to be given to a patient in South Korea. That is fine, but the prescription was given in a country that allows the drug to be prescribed. This gets into international law concerning drugs and how a prescription can carry over from a country that allows it to one that does not. The case was registered by prosecutors because they need a records of potential and actual incidents, but it was dropped when the prescription was found. This probably means that the prescription allowed the medication to be used in the country or it was taken away and no charges were filed. The situation is that Park Bom was given a prescription for amphetamine in a country where it was legal and the medical orders had her on it for a time that extended back into her return to South Korea. One cannot suddenly ignore a doctor’s orders because the medicine they were prescribed is not allowed somewhere else. This is probably what the courts decided when they looked at the prescription and the case was dropped. It was not really a smuggling case, but a patient following a doctor’s orders and expecting the law back home to understand. I am Blackjack, so I do automatically side with my 2NE1 noonas and that is natural for any Kpop fan. I make sure to show my support in relation to the facts and my knowledge of the person in question. I know Bommie noona is a kind woman and the facts showed that it was just a rumor, so I  showed my support by stating I would stand by her. When the facts showed there was a prescription and the case was dropped four years ago, I got bolder by stating those spreading it as if the smuggling allegations were terrible for doing so. I never talk down to others, but I do defend my idols when I know the truth. There is nothing wrong with defending your idols, especially when the facts are on your side. However, some people use coincidence with their suspicions to say the cruelest things and this is happening for some netizens in this situation.

Netizens showing up in Kpop articles can be shown saying general support comments and criticisms, but their criticisms are generally harsh. Idols breaking the law in South Korea is deemed even more serious than usual because they are public figures with a lot of influence over the youth, which makes drug crimes even worse. However, netizens are usually quick to judge without all the facts and that starts heated arguments and fan wars.

[Source: Hellokpop.com] Link: http://tinyurl.com/p8s26wd

The netizens in these situations remind me of Youtube or Facebook comment makers. You know those people who love to comment “First” or “Second”. Sometimes you see many people commenting “First” because they posted as someone else was posting to be first and then sarcastic remarks come in to those comments. That shows the odd fascination with having your voice out there before anyone else and hopefully being recognized for it. There is this deep analysis about this habit with competition, recognition and how it relates to human nature, but that is not why you all are here. I also don’t have time to go into it, so let’s move on. The point is netizens have this habit as well and it cause a lot of grief. These netizens decide they want to comment right away to have their voice heard, which means they are often berating someone based on little or no facts. These netizens are often supported by like minded netizens because they are also trying to get their voice out as soon as possible. Few people care about the runner who comes in 5th or 10th and this can be the case for people commenting later on. Comments earlier often get more “likes” or positive votes because they were out longer and during a time when like minded people were online. People also get bored with an issue as time goes on, which makes it seem like more people believe earlier comments because of the support they had. Netizens in the situation are making ridiculous requests like calling for Park Bom’s “retirement” and even jail time by calling her a criminal. YG Entertainment is not a label to cause problems and they often shrug off issues they know will pass when their artists have done no wrong. If YG Entertainment wanted to pursue legal options, then it might be possible against those who are stating that it is a fact that Park Bom is a criminal or those who are spreading the rumors as fact.  Many people are pointing their fingers at Kpop gossip site ‘AllKpop’, which lost a lot of support after the “Ailee Photo Incident”. Their site associates the sudden revival of this issue with the rising tension over the South Korean government’s handling of the Sewol Ferry Tragedy funds, which some people say is a diversion from the mishandling of those funds. This has caused some people to attack AllKpop again and create a hashtag to abandon the site called “#UNFOLLOWALLKPOP”. This blogger left AllKpop after the photo incident mentioned above and written about before. I have not joined in the group of those using this hastag because I see many sites talking about it, but I noticed only AllKpop associating it with the Sewol Ferry Tradegy funds. I will warn people that AllKpop is really a gossip site and it should not be relied on as a news source. One should always check multiple sources and gather their thoughts after that. Even so, I will not trust news I am told from that site. Comments made condemning Park Bom on sites like Naver got thousands of “likes” and positive votes, even though there is proof the case was dropped after the discovery of a prescription. Some netizens don’t care about the prescription and condemn her due to the ban on the medicine in South Korea. I have mentioned why I support Park Bom and how the courts probably decided to drop the case before. The main point is the case was dropped after the discovery of the prescription, which means it did matter to the courts. This issue was brought up by news media, so it is suspicious why they would do it now. The spreading of the news is on various netizens and Kpop news sites, which is clearly done to get views and create a buzz in the Kpop community. My final message to all those reading this is that the courts decided to drop the case because the drugs were being used for medical purposes. Park Bom is a wonderful person and not a fool, so please believe her innocence and do not hurt her feelings more than they are likely to have been hurt by now. Blackjacks and the rest of YG Family supports Park Bom (Bommie) through this situation and unite to protect her from harm.


*Hastags being used to support Bommie in this situation are “#RightBesideYou박봄” and “#WeBelieveInParkBom”.

Here is some sweet Park Bom (Bommie) moments for everyone. This is what Blackjacks and YG stans are trying to protect. A wonderful woman with a wonderful soul.