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BH (Bom & Hi) Bring The Christmas Spirit!

The time has finally come! Snow is falling in some places, bright decorations line certain streets and the Christmas spirit is starting to settle into the hearts of people everyone. Well, most people anyway. It’s around this time or a few weeks back that Christmas songs begin to play on the radio or in malls. The other thing that happens is Christmas songs get released. YG decided to use this opportunity to unveil a new unit. It’s known as BH (Bom & Hi), which is obviously composed of Park Bom from 2NE1 and “Monster Rookie” Lee Hi. A few teasers were revealed and it was said a darker theme would be presented by this song. One teaser had an ax in it for a few seconds and that same teaser ended with them having serious expressions. I thought they filming a Korean horror movie for a moment. I’ll admit that would be interesting to see, but it would definitely be too dark for my Christmas spirit. Anyway, the “darker” theme mentioned was actually  closer to the sorrowful side. “All I Want For Christmas” has a beat that is fairly fast and uplifting, but BH’s cover of the song was slowed down and somber. It has a beat and feel like “Missing You”, which is a somewhat slow and emotional ballad.

The teasers ending with Bommie and Lee Hi in these expressions tells the viewers the theme will be darker than the original song, but it was never made clear what that meant. 

[Photo Credit: soompi.com.br] Link: http://tinyurl.com/jwas2yo

Now the fact that it ended up being a cover was  something that caught me by surprise. I know some people might have seen it coming, but I just thought it had a similar title to the song that Mariah Carey sung before.  I thought this because similar titles is not something that is new to K-pop. There is 2NE1’s “Lonely” and now Hyolyn’s “Lonely”, as well as 2NE1’s “Hate You” and LADIES’ CODE’s “Hate You”. Anyway, I was not really disappointed and I ended up being fine with it being a cover. I recall Bommie not being eager to speak in English because of her accent, which she apparently finds embarrassing or so I’ve heard. I always wanted to hear the other members of 2NE1 speak in English because they can do it. Dara and Bommie noona can speak English fairly well and Minzy is still learning, but there is no better way to improve than practicing it. Magic is an option, but this isn’t the world of Harry Potter. Lee Hi speaks English very well and it should be noted that Simon of Eat Your Kimchi (EYK) mentioned teaching her for some amount of time, so there are no worries about her speaking English. I was happy when I found out it was an English cover of the song because I like hearing Bommie speak in English too. I recall an episode of “2NE1 TV”  where she tried to get Minzy to order room service in English and ended up doing it herself (while not knowing the phone was on speaker the whole time ><).

The symbol for this new unit is definitely creative in the way it combines the “B” from Bommie’s name and the “H” from Lee Hi’s name. The reason for the “H” and not an “L” is because the unit is promoted as “Bom & Hi”, not “Bom & Lee”. This is most likely because “Lee” is a common name in many parts of Asia, so it takes away from the uniqueness of the name.

[Photo Credit: seoulbeats.com] Link: http://tinyurl.com/n5cjz43

It takes a while for me to pick up on Bommie’s vocals and that might be from a subconscious fear of speaking English on her part or she might have wanted to avoid overshadowing Lee Hi with her vocals. I call this unit the “Power Vocals” unit because both artists are known for their powerful vocals, so I knew the vocals would be be striking in their delivery. The song has a soft, yet “soulful” feel to it. It doesn’t have to exclaiming that some people expect when they hear the term “soulful”, but I believe there is more than one type of “soulful”. You can hear what I mean around two minutes into the song. I believe this was a wonderful cover and I hope YG keeps BH as a permanent unit. This unit is a good chance for Lee Hi to learn from Bommie, who is known for her powerful vocals already. It’s also a nice way to form a bond between the two artists and inspire more music. I hope YG does not waste this chance and keeps BH as a unit that lasts longer than this Christmas or even just the Christmas season in any year. Overall, this cover is wonderful and I hope it fills those who listen to it with the Christmas spirit. ^_^

Enjoy! ^^