Picture book Review: Alice and the Picnic

Hello everyone,

It has been a long time. I went off to law school and there was just no time to update my blog. A lot has happened in the world of Kpop worthy of covering and I will address one such issue after my finals. However, I am taking time today to write about a fun picture book created not long ago. It’s called “Alice and the Picnic” and it is a lovely tale.

Naturally it starts with Alice getting ready for a picnic, but the end result are fun little adventures. The art style is playful and simple, which makes it easy to focus on the fun in the story. It only adds to the feeling of whimsy the story possesses. A reader can immediately tell the art is hand drawn and it shows how hard the artist worked.

Of course the artist is also the author, so let’s move on to the story. The comic consists of two tales concerning Alice going on a picnic because who can just go on one picnic. The stories are not connected, which actually adds to the whimsical feel of the comic. It reminded me of the those old 90s cartoons (i.e. Doug, Hey Arnold, Rugrats, etc.).  There was almost no continuity between each episode, but it allowed a person to focus on each adventure as it happened. I got the same feeling from each story and I can’t wait to see what happens to Alice on her next picnic.

I also feel like mentioning that I happened to find lessons in each story. I don’t believe the author intended for there to be moral to either story, but I managed to find a few. This is probably the classic example of a person seeing what the author did not intend to be in the story. You know the example where the teacher says “The blue curtains represent the character’s depression and constant struggle with sorrow.”, but the author says “The curtains are just blue!” or “Blue is just my favorite color.” That is actually a good thing here. It’s a whimsical adventure that a reader can either enjoy for the fun or see a lesson from the fun. You have fun either way, so there is nothing to lose by picking up a copy.

I definitely recommend this picture book to anyone looking for a fun tale to make you smile. It can also be good for parents of young children and early education teachers. I hope the author releases more adventures soon. ^^

Here is the link to purchase the picture book. Don’t forget to leave a nice review and don’t be afraid to reach out and support a sequel. Link: Purchase ‘Alice and the Picnic’



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