Kpop Travel Playlist! (with MVs)

There are a lot of things I could talk about, but travel plans always take up most of my time. I decided to share my Kpop travel playlist and see what everyone thought. If you have a Kpop travel playlist, then feel free to share. I promise longer and more thought-provoking posts in the future. This playlist will be my top ten because I have many full length albums in my phone. It’s Kpop songs for traveling time! ^_^

The picture speaks for itself. \^u^/

1) 2NE1-Crush (Korean/Japanese)

2NE1’s ‘Crush’ acts like a rallying song for Blackjacks to me. It’s mostly the “Nolja/Nolza” chant at the end, but the entire song radiates the fierceness that drew me to 2NE1. It’s a fantastic song for any Blackjack or appreciator of fierce ladies. I enjoy both the Korean and Japanese version, so it’s a win-win for me. ^^

2) Kahi-It’s Me

I was new to Kahi when ‘It’s Me” came out because I had never really listened to After School before, which would have alerted me to Kahi’s existence. My love for fierce ladies is not hidden, so ‘It’s Me’ is the perfect song for me to listen to when I am traveling. Something about fierce music makes me suddenly walk with more confidence and feel empowered. The power of music is great and so are Kahi’s abs. I need to work out more. ><

3) Ailee-Singing Got Better

Ailee has been through a lot from moving from her home in the U.S. to Korea and that unfortunate scandal not long ago, but she is tough. The song ‘Singing Got Better’ comes soon after that scandal and showed her amazing ability to stay strong and bounce back from tough situations. The title gives way to plenty of puns, but the vocals are fantastic and I don’t believe anyone telling the truth can deny that. The MV has an interesting plot, which can be linked back to a certain event I just thought of now. Anyway, the song is powerful and a wonderful display of Ailee’s vocals.

4) G.NA-G.NA’s Secret

I have a soft spot for G.NA because she is fun and has a bubbly personality, despite some people feeling she should act more mature for a woman her age. I don’t understand that at all because she is only 26 and being young at heart doesn’t hurt anyone. I like ‘G.NA’s Secret’ because she is showing her cute charm instead of her sexy charm, which she has shown before. It’s sweet and shows a side of a girl in love that actually does exist, which means G.NA could act the same way under the right circumstances. 

5) Jun Hyoseong (Hyoseong)-Goodnight Kiss

We go from using cute charm to flat-out seduction and at a wedding no less. The MV shows Hyoseong’s sexy charm in her dance segments and through the plot, which seems to be in the imagination of the groom. If I had to summurize it, then I would say Hyoseong’s seductive charms have the groom imagining himself with her and eventually trying to kiss her. Naturally this has the “It’s a dream” theme going for it, so it all falls apart at the end. In other words, he “wakes up” and she just walks away with a smirk. He doesn’t cheat physically, but I guess he did mentally. Does that count? Does it matter? Why am I asking these questions? I just find the “Boom boom” and “Zoom zoom” parts funny. It’s definitely catchy, so that helps when there is time to spare on my travels.

6) SoyouXJunggigo-Some

This song is very sweet and has the same catchy appeal that ‘Goodnight Kiss’ had. It balances the vocals of Soyou and Junggigo (what a name) well and the MV is quite sweet. Sure the actors are not Soyou and Junggigo, but it still works. The song has an innocent romance theme going and it’s very catchy when you let the song sink in. ~^^~

7) Gain-Truth or Dare

It’s Gain, so you better be ready for something sexy. This does not mean the song has not meaning. Actually, most of Gain’s songs seem to have a deep meaning to them. “Bloom” was about sexual awakening, “FxxK You” was apparently about date rape or something like that and “Truth or Dare” is about misunderstandings. That last one might be only about Gain or girls who act like she does on stage because there is a version with a mock interview, which shows false beliefs of Gain. The lyrics in the song talk about misunderstandings and how rumors might not be so bad. The brass sounds really make me love this song. 🙂

8) AOA-Miniskirt

I didn’t really listen to ‘Miniskirt’ when it came out, but I did give it a try for a post a while back about girl groups and the sudden surge of sexy concepts. Very few people will deny that AOA is filled with beautiful girls. Miniskirt eventually gets to be fun to listen to and the MV definitely hits the “sexy nail” on the head. You might feel funny with the amount of eye contact they make with the camera in the MV, but you will get over it eventually (if you are that kind of person). There is a dance practice version called “Eye Contact” version, which I call “Make Eye-Love with the Camera” version. Try it out and see how you like that. ><

9) AKMU-200%

It’s Akdong Musician (AKMU), so you know the song will be sweet. It’s the “National Siblings” who I believe are also the winners of “Kpop Star 2”. ‘200%’ is a sweet song about unrequited love and perhaps unexpressed love and it’s for a good reason. The guy in question has a girlfriend already, so our female lead (Lee Soo-hyun) must watch him from a far. Close enough to see him, but far away enough not to be seen catching glances by his girlfriend. She is around them so often, so I don’t know how the couple didn’t figure it out already. Soo-hyun pretends to be in the situations that the male lead is with his girlfriend, such as eating ice cream or dancing.The latter part of the MV unfolds the screen to show the girlfriend is actually doing those things with the boyfriend and the power of perspective was fooling us the entire time. What I get from this is a cute girl can “observe” her crush from afar, but a guy would probably get a restraining order. Oh well. It’s the world of Kpop MVs, so let’s ignore that and enjoy the sweet tune of unrequited love. ><;;;

10) 2NE1-Happy

The point of this song is pretty obvious from the title itself. ‘Happy’ is a great “pick-me-up” song and it never fails to make me happy. The MV is somewhat bubbly and carries the message of 2NE1 wishing everyone happiness, even if they are not happy themselves. That is certainly a powerful message when you think about it. Happiness of the fans being important even when the artist might not be happy at the time is an issue that is argued about in the Kpop fan community. This songs shows that some artists really do value the happiness of their fans more than themselves at least sometimes. If you just want to enjoy the message of being happy, then that is good too. That’s why I picked this song and that rounds up my top ten.

If you have your own top ten, then share away and I’ll return after my trip. I’ll post a pre-travel picture before I go and I’ll see you Kpoppers later. ^_^


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