Checkmate! NOW BEG FOR BOMMIE’S FORGIVENESS! I can promise Blackjacks will not be as forgiving because your targeted our Bommie and probably made her shed at least one tear. That is unforgivable, but Bommie is an angel who forgives even that kind of treatment. Don’t hurt our family again. -_-


Dear readers, this is Yang Hyun Suk.
I am here to give you a brief explanation of the misunderstandings that surfaced last night.

Why is Yang explaining this in writing, instead of announcing the agency’s official stance?

I would like to point out the articles refer to the incident that occurred 4 years ago.
Back then, BOM’s parents paid a private visit to inform me her family had been investigated due to the incident,
And revealed to me for the first time, in private, a shocking incident BOM experienced
in the past along with her medical history.
So until the articles were published, neither YG members nor the members of 2NE1 had the knowledge about the incident.

Thus I thought it was right to explain the incident myself,
as I personally heard the story,
Rather than making an official announcement by the agency that was not informed of the incident…

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