15& Lives Once More!

I am sorry this blog update is coming a bit late, but I am very sick. I feel it is due to the seasonal changes going on now, but the fact is I am sick. I was going to just make a playlist like I have done before, but I remembered something worth staying up and for just a while ago. 15& is coming back! Some of you might not know who they are and others might have forgotten. I do not blame you and you will understand why soon. 15& is the combination of Kpop Star winner Park Ji-min and JYP Entertainment trainee Baek Yerin.  Think of Davichi, except much younger and less experienced. It’s just to help you get an idea, so take it easy Davichi fans. Anyway, the group debuted on October 5th of 2012 with “I Dream”. Their most known song is probably “Somebody”, which involves 15& parodying Kpop star with an appearance by JYP himself. I know that is probably not surprising because JYP being involved in a JYP artist’s MV is as expected as a cameo of one Disney cartoon in another Disney cartoon movie. However, JYP physically shows up and competes in the parody “Kpop Star”. He even loses to a different version of Baek Yerin who acts as a talented competitor. Nepotism wins again, but not in JYP’s favor this time. >_<

15& had high expectations on them because they had “Kpop Star” winner Park Ji-min in the duo, but this often caused people to feel that Baek Yerin was being overshadowed by her partner. 

[Source: http://15and.jype.com] Link: http://15and.jype.com/ (Can be used for more info)

It’s not surprising if many people forgot who 15& are by now because they have not had much activity lately. I understand entertainment labels have many groups and they need to cater to fans of the older groups, but rookie groups should be given a fair amount of attention as well. They are the successors to the older groups, but the older groups have more fans from more years in the industry. I get that is why 15& would get pushed back to give more attention to a group like missA or Lee Hi would have to wait longer when 2NE1 is still around, but the rookie groups deserve more attention than they get now. 15&‘s disappearance was certainly surprising considering the winner of “KPop Star” was in the group. Lee Hi, the runner up of the same show, had much a debatable lead over Park Ji-min and became known as the “Monster Rookie” from her big successes. There was some talk among forum-goers that Baek Yerin re-tweeted the tweets of Taecyeon’s criticisms of JYP Entertainment, which were quickly deleted. Some people say she re-tweeted out of support, but others say it was to show frustration at her situation of becoming a “forgotten artist” when she has not even gotten a chance to promote herself.  These were just  speculations, but it proves that the thoughts are out there. Why is this happening? Perhaps Taecyeon’s tweets about JYPE staff needing to focus more on fostering talent, instead of profits is true or maybe it’s a problem with giving rookie groups more attention in the industry over all? I feel the two are connected because the focus on  older groups with a larger fan base is about profits, so the staff of all labels need to focus more on the talent they have and give every artist equal exposure. It’s not right to claim you care more about the talent and ignore new talent you obtain. Another problem I feel Kpop labels have is constantly trying to stockpile new talent. Many of the labels on “Kpop Star” have a lot of artists under their labels and they are already looking to take in new talent. I feel all labels need to focus on the groups they have already and not constantly trying to get the latest star to make sure no one else gets them. What happens if YG Entertainement takes in a top-tier star from “Kpop Star 3”? Will Lee Hi get less attention? It is possible because look at how long it took Akdong Musician to debut and I don’t believe WINNER had a formal debut yet. Akdong Musician had a great debut and caused a new syndrome called “National Siblings Syndrome” to be formed, but who knows how active they will be in the industry. Rookie groups flood the market each year and last year saw around 84 new groups debut, which has a 75% chance of that pool falling out of the industry within a year. I feel it is best to delay a group’s debut, until you can give them a fair amount of attention and at a time when less groups are debuting. This relies on other labels to cooperate and that is where the problem is in the end.

15& Releases Multiple Teasers for Upcoming Track “Can’t Hide It”

It has been close to a year since 15& made their presence known in the Kpop industry and some people thought they has quietly disbanded, but it seems JYPE has decided it is time to bring 15& back with a sweet theme to match similar songs coming out lately. 

[Source: soompi.com] Link: http://tinyurl.com/m5pkubb

So, what is next for 15&? Well, JYPE has revealed four trailers with the song title and debut date for all fans. I hope there are still plenty of loyal 15& fans out there because a group falling out of the industry light for a while can make people look for other groups, especially when the group is a new group. However, it seems 15& will have plenty of applause when they make their comeback. JYPE cannot afford to tease fans with spread out trailers after 15& has been out of sight for so long, so that could explain the four trailers at once. The song title is called “Can’t Hide It”, which seems to contain a sweet theme like Soyou and Junggigo’s “Some” and APink’s “Mr. Chu”. 15& will be making their comeback on April 13th, so you certainly don’t have to wait much longer. I wish them great success. 15& Fighting! ^^

Here is their popular song “Somebody”. ^^

Here is one variety show called “Weekly Idol”, which 15& appeared on.

Here is 15& at the 2013 SBS Gayo Daejun, which reminded many of their presence.

Here are the new 15& trailers! ^_^


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