Song of the Week: Soyou X Junggigo (feat Lil Boi of Geeks)’s “Some”

It’s that time of the week again and this was a tough one. I was torn between two songs and the one that lost for this week will be next week. It’s another collaboration song from the “King Maker” Soyou and it’s called “Some”. Soyou’s title of “King Maker” comes from her ability to bring out the best of her partner, who is often male. This is most likely means we will see many more collaborations from Soyou, but I still want a Soyou solo. My hope is still alive, but now to the song. Sometimes the simplest title can belong to one of the most fantastic songs. I feel this is the case for “Some”. I acknowledge my “Blackjack” status and I was nervous when “Some” was competing on music shows because it is a really good song. Collaborations, especially good ones, usually gather a lot of support from both partner’s fandoms. “Some” is a ballad with an obvious love tone to it. It’s spring time after all. ^u^

“Some” is a soft ballad song with a short rap part by Lil Boi of Geeks, which has a soothing melody and catchy tune. Soyou has come back with another colloboration proving her talents outside of rapping for Sistar. 

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“Some” features Soyou of Sistar and Junggigo with a rap segment from Lil Boi of Geeks. The song’s theme is about a boy and a girl who are in love, but they are being indifferent with each other. If you want a more clear example of this situation, then I recommend watching “Badump Badump” from Gag Concert. It’s pretty much this situation, but both sides come together in the end. The boy is portrayed by B1A4’s Baro and the girl is portrayed by Sistar’s Dasom. I guess this is another part Dasom can put under her acting section on her resume. (><) The couple acts indifferent with each other commenting through the lyrics that they feel like they are the other one’s sweetheart or lover, but at the same time they feel the opposite. You can see where the confusion comes from and you can feel the young love in the situation. It’s an excellent portrayal young lovers, who are often confused on how to properly express their feelings. It’s not about pride or any past drama, but the struggle to get closer is just as tough for these two young lovers. The song starts off slowly and shows the girl waiting for a call, which is descried in the lyrics as “As I hold my phone that doesn’t ring, until I fall asleep”. Perhaps this is referring to the fear the boy has to call when she will answer. I know it sounds weird, but calling your crush can be scary when you don’t have to prepare what you want to say ahead of time or you don’t want to mess up when talking. The funniest scene has to be when the boy is imagining kissing the girl and it was a dream, which is shown by the reality of him kissing air with passengers looking at him with strange expressions. >_<

The live performances of “Some” involve a background of “Soyou X Junggigo” and two chairs on stage, which Soyou and Junggigo occasionally get up from and walk around. There is no real motion involved with this song, aside from the slight swaying of their bodies when singing because the song doesn’t need any real movement. 

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The content in the texts between the couple are a mystery to me because I cannot read Hangul, but the context of the song should provide a good idea along with their expressions. The MV has this teddy bear suit with someone in it that apparently tried to win over the girl, but she refuses and it tries to stop the boy from meeting her too (yet it fails again). I believe this is to show they really love each other and nothing will stop their love. The MV ends with the couple meeting up and walking off together, but how easy they can convey their feelings to one another is not set in stone yet. Ah, young love. It never gets easy, but that’s love. The song has no dance to it when performed live, but it is a ballad meant to calm the listener. This means there is no need for even the simplest of dances because the idea is to relax. Soyou and Junggigo sit on chairs and sing to each other like they were the couple in the MV. This song has achieved #1 on charts before and it deserves it. I love the MV because it has a simple, yet sweet plot to it. This means there is no dance in the MV either, but you remember what I said before about the nature of the song. It works and that is what matters. I definitely recommend this song and you can buy it from various sources. Enjoy the sweet love. ^^

*I used the terms “the boy” and “the girl” in this entry because I wanted to use the couple as an example of every young couple for people to imagine their own couple in place of Baro and Dasom.

Soyou X Junggigo (feat Lil Boi of Geeks)’s “Some” MV

Live performance of “Some” ^_^


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