2NE1 Crushes The Competition!

Yeah. That was an obvious pun, but I had to make it. It’s not surprise that I’m a Blackjack, so this news is amazing to me. 2NE1 has finally come back with their 2nd Full Album in four years. This is a big day and there was a lot of expectations on 2NE1. The news that they would be coming back at the same time as SNSD started that old rivalry between S0NES and Blackjacks, but nothing bad has happened yet. Some fan support gets over-enthusiastic to the point of insulting the other group, but it’s nothing big enough to get an article or anything like that. Just a random Facebook comment here or there. Anyway, there was a tremendous amount of expectation for both groups and 2NE1 completely surpassed all expectations.


2NE1’s latest album “Crush” is a mix of the typical mass appeal style they have and some experimental tracks. Some of these songs are new to the “2NE1 style” and even to Kpop altogether. 

[Photo Credit: YGUnited.com] Link: http://tinyurl.com/k8v4ay2

2NE1 is one of the biggest girl groups in Kpop and that means people expect a lot from them. Blackjacks expect a lot more and the girls have never disappointed their fans, which is a testament to their talent and YG’s desire to reach the closest level to perfection as possible. Blackjacks will say 2NE1 is perfect and I am one of them, but that is fan being a fan. There are such fans in every group, so there is no need to go on about it and be “smart”. “Crush” has two title tracks and these tracks are filled with the uniqueness that 2NE1 prides themselves on maintain in all their musical ventures.  Those tracks are “Come Back Home” (which is seen as the true main title track) and “Gotta Be You”. Leader and Rapper CL had a lot of control over this album and she was involved in almost every track. “Come Back Home” is a song with a mix of Hip-Hop and Reggae, which is clear if you listen to the beat. The song has an addictive “drop” where you hear the members say “Come baby baby/ Come come baby/ Come come baby/ Come come”, which is done with a special technique to make it sound even more hypnotic.  “Gotta Be You” uses a synthesizer to create a unique sound to go with CL’s classic rapping. Both songs have a fair split between each member, which allows people to discern which member is singing at any given time. It’s not easy to find a balance between members of a group and an uneven split can occur based on the type of song the groups is singing, but “Crush” has shown it is definitely possible to achieve that balance.

2ne1 crush 2

2NE1 is not a group that is involved with variety shows or other media as much as some other groups, so Blackjacks are often left waiting for the group to release a new album, single or watch old 2NE1 TV episodes to bide time. This puts even more pressure on 2NE1 to make their comebacks “knock-outs”.

[Photo Credit: YGUnited.com] Link: http://tinyurl.com/mf8vsnd

Some people might be surprised to find out CL had another solo so soon, but it is a solo track on the album for the group. I believe this makes it different from “Baddest Female” because that song was a solo debut and “Mental Breakdown” (MTBD) is a solo track on the group’s album. This means the odds of CL promoting MTBD apart from 2NE1’s promotions are very slim, if they exist at all. MTBD is fantastic track and it might remind CLovers and Blackjacks overall of “Baddest Female” because of CL’s vocals being the main force behind the song. The rapping is solid and the bass is amazing, which makes the listener feel like a “Gizbe”. This is just another way it is similar to “Baddest Female”, which made the listener feel a type of empowerment. MTBD is not so similar that it sounds boringly similar to “Baddest Female”, but it shows CL’s classic style is still running strong. The song itself has a mix of English and Korean, which is no surprise to any fan of CL or 2NE1. The lyrics of “Karma karma karma is looking for you/ What u gonna do when they come for you/ Karma karma karma is gonna find you/ What u gonna do” reveals there is a deeper meaning to the song that might not be apparent at first. This is probably more true for any fan who doesn’t understand any Korean and knowing “Aigoo” doesn’t count.  2NE1’s new album “Crush” has been receiving international recognition and broken into the top ranks of charts all over the world. The most amazing part of that news is that CL’s solo track has managed to gain recognition apart from the track as a whole. YGUnited.com has a quote from a famous U.S. music critic called Jacques Peterson. Peterson is quoted saying “I am addicted to CL’s self-composed song, ‘Mental Breakdown’. She showcased ‘swag’ through her rap skills and is filled with energy.” This news is proof that 2NE1 has definitely created a storm of attention for themselves with their comeback, which is definitely good for them and all Blackjacks.


CL has been praised for her musical ability before, but this album made full use of her talents. Three songs were composed by her and the album as a whole has traces of her influence. 

[Photo Credit: YGUnited.com] Link: http://tinyurl.com/mn7f4kh

Multiple real time charts have 2NE1 on top or in the top ranks of their charts and the group has reached the top of seven iTunes charts, which acts as a testament to their fan strength. 2NE1’s All Or Nothing (AON) Tour begins today (KST) with their entire album being introduced and it will continue from there. I hope all Blackjacks and YG-Stans show great support to 2NE1 and help them win many competitions. This will be an interesting time to watch music shows and see how well 2NE1 competes for the crown. Keep watching everyone and welcome back 2NE1! Nolza! ^_^

*Don’t forget to vote via SNS Slide, trending on social media, MV viewing and buying the albums to support 2NE1*

Here is a Fuse TV list of why you should love “Crush”, if this entry is not enough. ^^


The MV has been delayed another day (KST), but I feel confident it is worth it. Here is the track for now. Don’t forget to view the MV when it comes out.


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