Song of the Week: Crayon Pop and Kim Jang Hoon’s “HERO”

It’s time for a new “Song of the Week” and this one is pretty special. I’m sick and it might be the flu, but I hope it is not. I heard this song a while back and it is very catchy. It definitely has a “J-pop vibe” to me, but that is not something too different from most songs involving Crayon Pop. The song includes Kim Jan Hoon, who is a rock-ballad singer. The song got to me because it is a song with a cause behind it. Not one about making money for the label or group, but gaining recognition to the heroes that help us (i.e. first-responders) and raising money for their families. This video specifically targets firefighters, but they are all worthy of being called “hero”.

The concept and MV were to honor the firefighters throughout Korea in a project called the “Korea Firefighter Project”. Crayon Pop agreed to help Kim Jang Hoon make a theme song for them and donate profits to the families of the firefighters. 

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The song is very catchy and it is meant to embody the belief of what firefighters are here to do. That is to be there when people need them and to save anyone they can. This is generally the concept of a hero, so it makes sense to name the song “HERO”. The lyrics reflect this well with lines like “Call us whoever you are, we will run to you whenever” and “Even if everyone tries to turn away, I’m different/ I’ll go to you and comfort you.” This is the idea behind these heroes. They have a duty to save anyone they can and take their job seriously. These firefighters risk their lives all the time and they deserve the recognition for it. Some people don’t give these heroes as much appreciation as they deserve, so it is good to see Crayon Pop aiding in this cause. The song itself is definitely catchy with minimal movement on the part of the group members. Kim Jang Hoon jumps in and out every now and then, but the main focus is on Crayon Pop. I can see how that makes sense because they will get the MV more attention. The cause is worthy, but the point of the video is to get it more attention. If it had more attention, then Crayon Pop wouldn’t have to be in the MV 95% of the time. Kim Jang Hoon appears wearing two different outfits, which are the traditional firefighter outfit and what might be a different uniform Korean firefighters wear on certain occasions or maybe the the uniform the chief wears. Anyway, the point of the MV was to raise awareness and funds for the ‘Korea Firefighter Project’. I feel this MV does a good job there. Also, it’s not like Crayon Pop is not moving at all. There is mostly hopping and the random poses. I keep seeing them as power rangers when they do their poses. I specifically recall “Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue” because the red ranger was a firefighter and their truck with their regular outfits reminded me of firefighters, but that’s my American 90s kid brain getting nostalgic. >_<

These are the outfits I believe are either the chief’s outfit or some other kind of special outfit for Korean firefighters. The use of both suits is a good choice because it shows recognition for all branches of the “firefighter family”.

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The involvement of Kim Jang Hoon with this project is not surprising. He is known for his charitable work in South Korea and many donations to various charities. Kim Jang Hoon apparently also received the President’s Volunteer Service Award from U.S. President Barack Obama in 2012. His nickname is “Donation Angel” in South Korea and it appears to have been well earned. I find this song so wonderful because of the cause behind it. Apparently Kim Jang Hoon was having problems getting the finances together for this MV part of the project, but Crayon Pop agreed to cover the expenses. This is great because it is just a small way to pay back the firefighters out there. They risk their lives to save people in extremely dangerous situations and not many people would do the same. I mentioned earlier that this song could apply to all first-responders and that is true. Those people work hard to be there for the public and serve their community. They deserve some recognition for their efforts. Firefighters take up a particularly dangerous task and their families are undoubtedly nervous each time they head out to fulfill their duty. Sometimes the worst-case scenario happens and those same families are left heart-broken. This is where some financial help can be useful. It will never fill the void, but sometimes it helps the family move forward. Don’t forget to respect your first-responders and honor any heroes in your life too. ^^

Enjoy the wonderful MV for this worthy cause.

Here is a live performance.

This video explains the story behind the MV and makes a good point. Please watch it.


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