Spotlight: “Dancing Machine” Hyo-yeon

It’s been a busy week and things are getting tough to handle. I’m sure there are plenty of things in the Kpop world to talk about here, but I don’t have the time to look into them. I don’t just rant about a topic, so I can’t look at a news site and start now. I’ve decided to make this entry more of a “Spotlight” feature, which might be something I could make regular like “Song of the Week”. Anyway, I saw a clip of Hyo-yeon (sometimes Hyoyeon) of SNSD dancing. Kim Hyo-yeon is the main dancer of Girls’ Generation (SNSD) and specializes in “popping and locking”. She was apparently brought by her mother to the SM Entertainment offices because her mother was hoping to meet the members of H.O.T, which would be like a fan girl goes to JYP Entertainment offices to try and meet the members of 2PM. Hyo-yeon enrolled in a school called “Winners Dance School”, which is a famous dance school known for various hip hop styles like “popping” and “locking”. She actually met future missA member Min there and they made a team called “Little Winners”. She found noterierty from this team and rose up in the industry as a trainee. Hyo-yeon even performed on stage with BoA before her debut, but  it was as her silhouette in the MNet KM Music Festival 2005. Hyo-yeon actually shared that she met with an unpleasant experience during that performance. Apparently she made a mistake because there was a problem with communication between her and the staff, which led to a staff member getting angry at her. This made Hyo-yeon’s resolve firm to show that staff member and those like him that she would be big one day. Hyo-yeon also hit another “snag” during the early days of SNSD, but this one was an internal one. Hyo-yeon trained and practiced for many years in the style of dancing she loved, which was hip-hop based. This was a direct contrast to the early songs of SNSD and the thought of “This is what I trained for?” occurred when Hyo-yeon reflected on performances for songs like “Kissing You”. This made Hyo-yeon consider leaving SNSD to find a new path somewhere else. I know this is shocking because the current Kpop world has come to know Hyo-yeon as an invaluable member of SNSD, but this was early on and it’s actually understandable. Hyo-yeon trained for seven years and now she’s bopping up and down with a lollipop. This thought was soon dismissed by the resolve to stick with SNSD and prove herself regardless of the style SNSD had at any given time. This shows when Hyo-yeon comments that she thought “This is my song” when she first head “I GOT A BOY”, which also contains the style of dancing Hyo-yeon prefers. Interesting facts concerning Hyo-yeon are that she is fluent in Korean, English, Chinese and has a basic understanding of Japanese. She also knows Jazz and Latin dance in addition to hip-hop style dancing. Hyo-yeon also is known to reveal secrets when she is drunk and picks on Yoona and Seohyun the most (when drunk). Her title by fans is actually “Dancing Queen Hyoyeon”, but I called her a “dancing machine” in the title because she has been callled that too (especially on variety shows). Even a non-S0NE can appreciate Hyo-yeon for her resolve and style. She is not the typical type of member you’d expect from SNSD, but this makes her even more interesting and adds an interesting flare to the group. Check out  for of Hyo-yeon in the future.

I’m not a S0NE, but I believe that Hyo-yeon shines the most when she is doing this style of dance (hip-hop). It’s the style of dance she loves and people usually shine the most when they are doing what they love. She’s certainly made a fan out of me. ^^

[Photo Credit:] Link: (Video in link below) 

*Note: Thanks to and for the “interesting facts” about Hyo-yeon (Hyoyeon).

Hyo-yeon proves her skills with a special collaboration stage on Dancing9 with EXO’s Kai and Lay.

Hyo-yeon shares her story about being BoA’s silhouette and considering leaving SNSD on “Strong Heart”.

Hyo-yeon’s “silhouette performance” as mentioned above.

Hyo-yeon’s “drunk habits” discussed during an episode of “Happy Together”.

Little Winners” (missA’s Min and SNSD’s Hyo-yeon) dance performance/rehearsal.


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