Song of the Week: Nine Muses’ “Glue”

It’s time for another “Song of the Week” and Nine Muses has made this segment for the second time. I really like “Glue” (the song, not the adhesive) and I’ve received new respect for them after watching their documentary on the BBC. Now it’s time for their digital  single “Glue” to receive the spotlight. There were running jokes that the MV would be so sexy that it would be rated “25+”, but I don’t know if it is really rated that or if that rating even exists. Anyway, it’s definitely very sexy. Two words for you to prove it and those words are “tight pants“. I mean those skin tight ones that make you wonder how any blood is circulating to their lower body. The sexy concept was aimed for with this song and it was definitely hit.

Nine Muses have used the “sexy concept” for most of their videos/performances, but “Glue” pushes the boundaries and made the impression that it was a new level of sexy (i.e. 25+).

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Now on the the MV. The MV starts with the introduction of the group’s logo (with the title track) and each member is introduced one by one, which ends with Sera. The dancing starts and you can already tell that legs are an important part of the sex appeal in the video. There are plenty of places to find proof that legs are an important part of sex appeal for South Korean beauty standards. Nothing too surprising there, but the video occasionally cuts to a member dancing alone in an orange leathery-like body suit. It usually a dance that moves the body in fluid movements. A lot like the wave some people do where you stick your arms out and act like water in moving from one hand to the other, except this wave goes from the head to the feet. If you’re confused, then that’s fine. The video will show it, but moments like those make it clear why the representatives of Nine Muses mentioned a “25+” rating. I don’t find it too sexy, but I’ve seen other videos get the “19+” rating or been told to be changed to be aired before. Different entertainment industry, so different rules. The girls still perform it on shows and it’s aired just fine, so no real “speed bumps” occurred. I do admit I love the move where they bend their legs and make this “shimmy” motion with their hands. The thing I noticed that surprised me from the video and the promotional pictures was the amount of cleavage I saw in both. Looking back at a video that talked about Korean beauty standards showed me that cleavage is not something that is flaunted in South Korea. Showing your legs (within reason) is fine, but cleavage is closed up for the most part. Maybe it’s because the concept was rated “25+” that Nine Muses could get away with it or maybe not  showing cleavage is more of a cultural expectation and not a requirement. I severely doubt there is a law that actually restricts someone’s freedom of expression through fashion, as long as it’s not extremely indecent or anything like that.  The cleavage is not excessive (although that is a matter of opinion), but it’s enough to make my head move back and make sure I’m seeing what I think I’m seeing in the video/pictures. Now some people will say it is selling out by using the body to get attention, but the concept is a very sexy one and the cleavage issue is only with promotional pictures and very few occasions in the MV. It’s not really an issue at all, but that’s my perspective. I believe it’s because the cleavage is not excessive and the MV/performances don’t really show it, which is replaced with the emphasis on legs. If you watch the video about beauty standards above, then you might think it’s because I’m from the North American side. I don’t believe that matters at all because I have my own perspective on beauty standards and it’s not something I go with the crowd on. That’s my little fashion rant there, but I do urge people to understand that Nine Muses are not selling out and the song certainly shows that they have plenty of talent.

Looking at individual promotional shots will show the issue mentioned above, but you can see from this picture that it is not really that important. The legs are given the most attention and that fits with the expectation of South Korean beauty standards. 

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Now for the message of the song. It’s about love, so nothing new there. Even so, it’s an interesting take on love. The only thing I find confusing is the explanation under the MV. It goes “Through the new album ‘Glue’, 9MUSES learns the meaning of the number 25, and also show their vocal and visuals that got much more mature. 9Muses average age is 25, and they are presenting themselves as ‘Women who are more loved by women, [9MUSES]’. They talk about the vague loneliness about love and the way to overcome it with the word ‘Glue’ and put it into music video”. So, does anyone understand that? I get that their average age is 25, but “women who are more loved by women” and how does the word “glue” help? I’m guessing translating the word “glue” into Hangul allows a person to rearrange the characters/letters to mean something else and the theme of loneliness in love matches with being more loved by women. I say that last part because Nine Muses is know to have a very dedicated male fan base. Anyway, the theme seems to be that the members want to forget about a past love and they are finding it hard to do so. They want the past love to remain a memory, which occasionally comes back up through tears or that poking feeling in the heart. I find it a bit unique because it’s not about a love they want to forget, but still love deep down or a love that comes back to them to be taken back. The girls of Nine Muses want to leave this past love as a memory and it seems they find it annoying that they are having trouble with it. Occasionally you hear a synthesized voice say “I just don’t know what to do”, which echoes the girls’ confusion on how to make this past love a memory and just a memory. There is some English in the song too, but it’s not really worth mentioning. The pronunciation is fine and the only reason I mention it is because I noticed the word “empire” come up near the end. It’s a random note, so I don’t blame you if you’re confused as to why I’m even writing about it. I think it’s time I wrapped this up. (><) Overall, I really like the song. It’s beat is pleasant and the choreography is attractive. Once again, I love the “shimmy” move in the video and the song itself is good. I especially like that the theme is about making a past love a memory and not running back to him or being still obsessed with him. It’s definitely worth checking out. ^_^

Nine Muses’ “Glue” MV!

Nine Muses’ “Glue” Comeback Stage!


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