Nicole Parts Ways With KARA!

The unfortunate day has come where KARA will go on without Nicole. Many Kamilia (KARA fans) did not want this to happen and Nicole did make an appeal to DSP Media in the past about continuing with KARA, but in another agency. I noted in a past entry about this issue that it was a good tactic to show that she wanted to stay with her fans and leave the majority of the decision in the hands of DSP Media. Some people might have forgotten that or the recent news is making fans more sad than angry. The concept of being in a group from one agency, but being having a separate agency represent you is nothing new. It’s not the same as Ga-in from Brown Eyed Girls or Shinhwa, who have separate agencies for solo activities, but it is close to the idea. I can see how DSP Media would not be very open to this idea because I don’t believe they would be able to get as much money from the activities Nicole has outside of KARA. I would guess that they would get funds from any activities KARA had, such as physical/digital sales of songs/albums or variety show appearances. Maybe even CFs or product endorsements, but only if done under the name of KARA. Any activities a KARA member does as an individual would only affect DSP Media in the case that DSP Media also represented the individual member. This would not be the case for Nicole, if she was represented by a separate agency for solo activities. It would mean any CFs, songs or solo activities of any kind would pass the hands of DSP Media and go straight to Nicole (and affect a different agency). This could also carry over into acting opportunities as well. The overall point is the solo activities of a member affects the agency they belong to in some way, which is usually a cut of the funds the member makes (due the costs of upkeep for the individual member). The agencies probably get a cut for things like costs for the make-up artist/crew, facilities and other investments made to keep the individual member in their best form. In other words, the philosophy is “we spent money on you and now we’re taking some back (because we are owed it). It can sounds unfair, but this is business and it’s not hard to understand. The higher-ups at the agency have to make money too, but sometimes they can get greedy and that’s not hard for anyone to believe. This was the original issue with the members of KARA and their contract renewals with DSP Media, so it’s not surprising that DSP Media did not like this idea Nicole had for her career. It seems to me that they could have worked something out where Nicole was still in KARA, but she would be represented by a different agency (maybe even offer a pay raise for the KARA activities). This was not the case though and now we enter an age of KARA without Nicole. 😦

DSP Media Responds to Nicole’s Desire to Remain as KARA: “She Never Discussed It with Us”

Nicole still continued with KARA activities when the contract issue was going on and after it seemed DSP Media would not compromise with her in a way that was to her liking. 

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DSP Media claims they only got the news of Nicole not renewing her contract with them and not the offer/idea she had posted on her Twitter account. They said there would be future talks, but it is clear those talks did not work out. Now people are wondering what is next for Nicole, which is the obvious question to ask for any former group member. Sunmi and Kahi went solo after leaving their groups of Wonder Girls and After School respectively.  Some sources say Nicole is planning to study in the United States, while Nicole’s mother is looking to get vocal and dancing lessons for her daughter. This could imply that Nicole is attempting to go solo and have a back up plan, which would be useful in case a solo career proves fruitless. This is a good option to have because the entertainment industry is very tough and holding a career is dependent on talent and popularity (sometimes more of the latter than the former). Some people questioned whether Nicole could handle a solo career, so it’s a smart move to have a back up plan. Soyu of SISTAR got a hairdresser license (or something like that a while back, which was just in case her singing career did not work out. I would like to see Nicole in the entertainment industry, even if she ends up an actress or MC instead of a singer. I hope she gets what she wants, but it will be a tough road ahead for her. The other important question to ask is what DSP Media plans to do with KARA now. Wonder Girls lost Sohee just like KARA has now lost Nicole, so any future activities for groups in such a situation is foggy. Both agencies have stated that the groups will remain and DSP Media has almost made it certain that KARA will continue on, but what will they look like now? Will DSP Media replace Nicole with a new member or just go with the remaining members? Ji-young still has time before her contract expires apparently, which places even more confusion around how KARA will look in the future. If Ji-young was sure about continuing with KARA, then wouldn’t she have confirmed it by now or talked about it? It’s only natural to wait until the expiration date because anything can happen and it was stated she is thinking about studying aboard (no countries named). Ji-young might be considering a new path in life, a hiatus to think over her life or maybe just biding her time to see how the situation unfolds. Ji-young has not mentioned talks with DSP Media and the reverse is true as well, so it’s unclear what will happen there. I don’t think DSP Media would risk losing Ji-young because KARA would take a major blow from that and fan outrage would certainly start right after that news. If any negotiations are needed, then Ji-young has a strong position in any talks with DSP Media. It’s unclear if this will be a future situation, but it is a possibility. I also don’t believe DSP Media will replace Nicole with a new member (for now). That would make DSP Media look heartless and show that the two ended on bad terms (or make it seem that way). Whether DSP Media actually cares or not is debatable, but replacing Nicole right away would generally not be a good idea. We’ll see what DSP Media does for KARA‘s next comeback, but I would not be surprised if each member suddenly started getting involved in more solo activities. Is KARA heading down the road the Wonder Girls is now on or will DSP Media have KARA come back strong from this situation? Leave your thoughts below in the comments.


KARA’s Kang Ji Young Will Not Renew Contract with DSP

Kang Ji-young took the position of “maknae” or youngest in the group and fufilled her duties there, but now it looks like she wants to pursue her dreams outside of KARA.

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It was recently announced that Kang Ji-young has no plans to renew her contract with DSP Media. Her father basically said she is young and wants to pursue other dreams invididually. KARA took up a lot of time from that dream-purising and money is not the issue, so rejoining KARA is not being considered. DSP Media knows this is bad for them and says they will meet with Ji-young to try to convince her to stay. Didn’t I say above that Ji-young had a lot of power in any negotiations and this is why. They know Ji-young and Nicole leaving KARA is bad for the group, which makes this a nightmare for them. Ji-young’s father said that money is not the issue, so offering pay raises is not likely to change Ji-young’s mind. They might try to guilt her into staying by bringing up loyal fans or plead with her about how her leaving will affect the other members. I don’t know, but it seems clear she can’t be bought. I don’t find anything wrong with what Ji-young wants and it’s only natural to want to pursue dreams. Even in college, you still hear that you are “finding yourself” and some people switch majors/dreams often. Ji-young is 19/20 and that is an age most people are still figuring out what they want to do with the rest of their life. I would guess that being an idol is not a top priority for her or a dream she had since she was young because I don’t see her not signing with DSP Media making sense, if that was the  case. She might return to the idol scene later on or do something else in the entertainment industry. Ji-young could also end up becoming a lawyer or teacher for all I know. I have not seen quotes from Ji-young herself, but I doubt that her father is forcing her out of KARA. The official statement* is out and it seems Ji-young will not be coming back to KARA. DSP Media says they will reorganize KARA around the remaining members (Park Gyuri, Han Seung Yeon, and Goo Hara and continue with promotions later on. Nothing is set in stone in terms of remolding the group structure, but things are not looking too good for KARA  right now. The future of KARA is now just as foggy as that of the Wonder Girls to me (even with DSP Media’s statement).

**I will bring a new update with new polls and such in April, which is when Ji-young’s contract officially expires**

Enjoy the last of KARA with Nicole [and now Ji-young]. 😥

Also, the SBS Gayo Daejun “remix” version of ‘Damaged Lady’.

+New Poll with Ji-young’s Current Decision+ (Old Poll Removed)

*Official Statement Link:


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