Song of the Week: Sunmi’s “24 Hours”

This week’s “Song of the Week” is undoubtedly late and it will also probably be shorter. I’m not feeling too good and I might be getting a cold, but I’ll stay strong. Anyway, this week is “24 Hours” by JYP’s Sunmi. Many people might know Sunmi as a former Wonder Girls member.  She apparently specialized in vocals while part of the group and I’ve even heard she was the “main vocalist” when part of Wonder Girls. She left the group sometime around February 2010 and came back as a solo artist on August 20, 2013 with “24 Hours”. Some people feel she would have won more with she had not been promoting the same time as EXO, but that’s another story. ><

Sunmi made her comeback around the time the future of the Wonder Girls was hazy, which made some people think she would take Sunye’s place as leader. Sunye’s recent renewal of her contract with minor details as well as the style shown in “24 Hours” puts a fair amount of doubt on that theory. 

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The first thing that should be mentioned is the MV has English subtitles! JYP Entertainment has been doing this for a while now and I first noticed it on missA’s “I Don’t Need A Man”. I didn’t discover that MV for a while, so I don’t know if it was always like that or if the MVs on JYP Entertainment’s YouTube channel were updated. This is great for people who can understand English and might be still learning Korean (assuming Kpop fans are trying to learn Korean). The only issue is that Kpop fans that don’t understand English or Korean are left out of the loop, but you can’t please everyone. Anyway, it’s a nice addition and the subtitles for the “woo woo woo” part is funny. Anyway, the song is about a woman (Sunmi’s) intense love for her man (random male in MV). The lyrics seem to imply an obsession with the man, but not the crazy stalker kind of obsession. The very passionate kind and it’s lyrics like “I’ve never felt like this before  and I’m afraid of this continued addictive feeling” that make me think that way. Again, it’s not the “sasaeng” type of obsession, but a “head-over-heels in love” type. The dance is fairly simple, yet powerful. There are moves like tapping the wrist like points out the time on a watch and the butt shaking move she has in there, which makes parodies pretty funny. (><) The song has a steady beat for the most part and the part of the song near the end has no rap or fierce vocals, but a slowed downbeat to it. I’m not sure if it’s because Sunmi prefers not to attempt rap or decided that a slowed down beat with her vocals was a better fit, but it still works and it makes the song unique. The MV part there is like a cross between interpretive dance and ballet. This part is followed the the clock in the MV pulling a “time warp” out of nowhere. Now past scenes from the MV play and some of them show “time distortion” in them, such as Sunmi crawling forward and suddenly moving backwards like a tape rewinding. It’s a creative addition to the end and it brings the “time” theme together nicely. Overall, I like the song  because of the addictive chorus and the alluring dance moves. The movements are like an interpretive dance at times and I find it hard to look away. I hope you all enjoy it too. ^^

Here’s the MV for Sunmi’s “24 Hours”!

Here’s Sunmi’s comeback stage with “24 Hours”!


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