U-Kiss Concert: My First U-Kiss Experience

I’m sure most American KissMe (U-Kiss fans) know that U-Kiss just performed in NYC. I know people that flew in from all over the country to come to the concert. I am completely new to U-Kiss and I did not know what to expect, except the obvious friendliness of the group to the fans. I sat down getting footage for a friend that could not go, but I was surrounded by other people doing so. This made it less odd because I would feel a bit odd being the only one getting photos and such. I was also lucky because the people in front of me sat down while I got photos (except one girl two rows down who occasionally held up and shook a towel/something with the Brazilian flag on it). I sat high enough to lift my phone above it though. The group started with a performance, then introduced themselves to the crowd. This seems to be standard for Kpop concerts, but I don’t know if it’s just for concerts overseas or it’s a general protocol/policy.

U-Kiss will be making three stops for their first U.S. tour (as shown above) and they promised to be back again at the end of the NY concert. This promise should not be counted as official by their label or taken as a sign that they will be back in a short time (like a year). 

[Photo Credit: soompi.com] Link: http://tinyurl.com/l7u6mdh

I mentioned before that this was my first time experiencing U-Kiss, which means the term “a song” or “a member” will be used a lot. I have no idea who is who yet or which song is which. I do know that there is a lot of love for Eli because his name was on a lot of signs in the crowd and it came up during the “Q&A” session. Anyway, each member spoke a good amount of English and some spoke more than others. I believe AJ is the member that was admitted to Columbia University and apparently had some friends in the crowd. Kevin also spoke English and he was almost like the MC for the group, but everyone spoke enough for themselves. Kevin had prior MC experience, so it’s not surprise he was a natural at it. I believe his family was on the balcony level of the theater and his sister’s boyfriend, apparently. (><) I also believe it was Kevin who started to tear up when talking about being back home and he even called the U.S. a “great country”. He clearly still has a strong connection to his birth country and to his family over in the U.S. too. There were many good songs and the “Q&A” session was very funny. It felt like a variety show and a concert in one, which was an excellent way to keep the audience engaged (even if some fangirls still screamed during the quiet parts *my poor ears*) The members of U-Kiss seem very kind and fun to be around. My judgement  as a first-time listener to U-Kiss and a first-timer to a concert of theirs is “amazing”. I might have sat down for most of the concert to get photos and such, but I definitely enjoyed myself. I am glad I was able to make it to the concert and it was worth the long line in the cold. I definitely recommend U-Kiss to other people, but sitting to get photos or video during a concert is up to you. I know I could never do that in a 2NE1 concert because my “fanboy mode” would be too strong and “Blackjack Mode” would be going full force all the time. That’s a discussion for another time though.  ^^

*I did get footage of the concert for my  friend, but putting it here would be very difficult. Don’t worry though because there is footage online. Here you go. Enjoy!

Bingeul Bingeul, Member Intros, DORADORA

U-Kiss “Q&A” Session

Encore Stage and Farewell


2 thoughts on “U-Kiss Concert: My First U-Kiss Experience

    1. Ah! Now I remember. I’m completely new to U-Kiss, so it feels like when I first came to Kpop. I had no idea who was who and a simple hairstyle change confused me. I’ll try to learn more though. ^^

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