Unite To Help Leeteuk Through Tough Times

Many of you have probably heard of Leeteuk’s situation by now. Leeteuk’s father and grandparents (it appears his paternal grandparents) passed away on January 6th. This news first came out as an accident, but was later found to be a much more tragic event. This obviously had a major effect on Leeteuk and he is currently dealing with funeral affairs with his family. Friends and fellow artists have been offering their condolences and company to help him through these tough times. I won’t go into the details of the event out of respect for his privacy, but more because of how speechless it leaves me. A link to the police report will be left at the bottom for those who are interested to read.

Park Jeong-su (Leeteuk) is the leader of Super Junior and was currently serving mandatory military services, but he was granted an emergency leave to attend the funeral. 

[Photo Credit: soompi.com] Link: http://tinyurl.com/lo6jfjc

The point of this entry is not to talk about the issues involved with the tragic event, Super Junior or even expose the event to more people. The point of this entry is to ask everyone to be there for Leeteuk in some way. The hashtag “StayStrongParkJungsoo” (#StayStrongParkJungsoo) has been used on Twitter to show support for Leeteuk and some people are using their social media accounts to leave words of support in a longer form. I believe the message of the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) and that is “music makes us one”. We are all fans of Kpop and certainly human beings, so there is no point in being divided or not supporting Leeteuk because your bias(es) are in another group/label. One of us has been hurt and we should be there for him in any way we can. This can be from using the hashtag above, leaving words of support or even doing something as simple as respecting his privacy to let him mourn. This means not going after photos of him now or spreading them around. I have seen some sites with pictures of Leeteuk in his current situation, but I have not looked at the photos myself. I will not do such a thing and I suggest no one spreads them around either. This is not a situation that will ever be okay, so there is no such things as “too soon”. It will never be appropriate, so please respect that. Please support Leeteuk however you can and be respectful when doing so. Thank you.

Link with the news of the tragic event: http://tinyurl.com/l75dkku


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