Song of the Week: Heyne’s “LOVE007”

This time of the year is hectic for me, so I apologize if these “Song of the Week”s are coming a bit late. Anyway, I’m here this week with rookie singer Heyne. I first found out about her on Arirang’s “Pops in Seoul” program when they featured her and this song. She is from LOEN Entertainment and debuted on June 13 2013 with her MV for “Dalla”, which even had English subtitles. If you were there for Heyne’s debut, then you know she has a very unique voice. It’s a high pitched one and opinions on it will vary from liking it to finding it annoying. She reminds me of the Japanese voice actress Neeko because both of them have unique voices that are their natural voices. I will mention that Neeko’s voice is far more unique than Heyne’s because it’s not simply high pitched. You’ll see what I mean later. For now, it’s on to the song.

Heyne’s unique voice makes her an “aegyo” idol, which can limit her reach towards fans. Some people will only be able to see her as cute and this means the types of performances she can do might become restricted to being cute.

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“LOVE007” tells the audience two things right away and they are painfully obvious. The first thing is that the song is love-themed and the second thing is that the MV is “007-themed”.  We open to Heyne acting like a spy with the mission to “Kill James Bond (007)”, who is played by actor Kim Min-gyo. Well, that escalated quickly. Maybe she’ll be a better spy than Hyuna from “Trouble Maker”. I’m sorry, but there were so many mistakes made there as a spy. Perhaps Heyne’s nartural aegyo will help her. She quickly finds her target in a database and falls in love. It’s funny how he shoots back like the opening of the James Bond films, but this time there are red hearts. I guess no one is dying in this mission. Now there are more spies falling in love. Just great. Anyway, Heyne moves into her dance with her multiple back up dancers. They are all dressed alike with Heyne having different knee socks to set herself apart. I thought they were a larger girl group at first. It reminded me of those Jpop groups with all the members dressing similarly and moving cutely. That brings me to the dance moves, which involve her shaking cutely and moving in unison with her back up dancers. This is what makes me see so many similarities to those Jpop groups I mentioned before. Heyne’s dance moves don’t really separate her from the back up dancers and they all move in unison for the most part. Those large Jpop groups I mentioned before often do the same because they don’t have back up dancers and the emphasis is on noticing each of them being cute. I figure Heyne knows she’ll get attention because she is the one singing with her unique voice and stepping up from the back up dancers every now and then. The MV continues with Heyne looking for ways to win over the heart of “James Bond”, which include things like trying to get a book from a high self (requiring his help) and sneaking peaks at him through a cafe window to get noticed. I’m not sure if becoming chibi-sized and dancing on his gun was part of the plan too, but I guess it helped. Eventually she wins him over and they have a kiss scene, but it’s through silhouettes than in person. Apparently that scene did happen and Heyne said the actor playing “James Bond” helped make it easier through coaching. The ending comes shortly after and it’s pretty…interesting. “James Bond” goes to his terminal/secret agent laptop-briefcase and sees a video of himself…using the bathroom…both ways. Clearly this is displeasing and it seems our secret agent Heyne was behind it. Not sure how this works into winning his heart, but I guess it fits into the original mission. Oh, she fires at him in the end too. Wait? What?! I guess she did fufill her original mission, but when did the change happen? Her final words to “James Bond” are “I wanted to have you” when he asks for an explanation. I have no idea how that’s an explanation, but apparently it works in her mind. Anyway, she still completed the original mission (I guess). >_<

I guess having the tables turned made her remember her original mission or perhaps she shot him with “love” (if that makes any sense). Just enjoy the aegyo and forget logic. 

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Okay, so what’s my overall judgement. I’ll admit it was very cute and interesting for me. I actually liked it because her voice is very unique. I’ve seen plenty of idols doing “aegyo” on variety shows and altering their voice to match Heyne’s natural voice. However, I do understand how some people can find it a bit annoying after a while. Some people make such annoyed expressions when people do “aegyo” for even a little bit with such a voice. You can’t please everyone, but Heyne’s unique voice means she sets herself apart from other Kpop idols. Sometimes I see idols in Kpop and think they should be doing a lot of promotions in Japan. This is usually when I get a “Jpop vibe” from the idol and I get that feeling from Heyne. I know there are more idols in Jpop that use a similar style and voice, but it seems she could do well there. “Aegyo style” is similar to the “Kawaii style” I see in Jpop, but the only hurdle she’d really have to worry about is being lost in the “Sea of Kawaii”. Heyne would not be too different from the many other idols they have in Japan, so the question would be “Why should Heyne get the attention for being so similar to the other idols?” and this usually means fans will go for one of the Jpop idols instead. It’s a possibility, but not a reason to forsake such promotions. It will just take some planning, which could pay off in the end. The song is addictive and catchy, which uses a synthesizer to match Heyne’s voice. I hope LOEN Entertainment does not forget Heyne and promotes her well, which would not be too hard with her unique voice. I look forward to seeing more of Heyne in the future.

*Note: Heyne is pronounced “Hey-knee”. I know this because she said it that way herself. ^^

The “LOVE007” MV!

A stage performance of “LOVE007”!

The “Pops in Seoul” interview with Heyne (starts at 2:30).

Also, here’s Neeko’s voice that I mentioned before. Very unique and I find it cute. ><


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