Song of the Week: JYP Nation’s “This Christmas”

Okay, so this is the last “Song of the Week” for 2013 and it’s a wonderful one. I also think it’s a bit later than usual, so forgive me if it is late. I promised my next two “Song of the Week” entries would be Christmas-themed and this is the second one. I also found a great song to cover and it involves many members of the JYP label, which goes by the name “JYP Nation”. This is similar to how SM calls themselves “SM Town” or YG calls themselves” YG Family” when together. “This Christmas” is a wonderful song, but an even better MV. It has such a feeling of family and togetherness, which is a very important part of the Christmas season to me. It’s a good thing to see idols coming together to and celebrating the Christmas season together, even if it is still technically work. It’s fun work, so it still counts. ^_^

There are many label mates involves in this MV, which includes the on-hiatus Wonder Girls. JYP himself also sings in the MV, which is accompanied by some other label mates. 

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The MV takes the first-person camera view, which makes the viewer feel like they are part of the MV and in the festivities. All it really did was make me wish I was really there, but the thought is nice and I’m sure it worked for at least one person out there. (><) The camera approaches a house, which is labeled “JYP House” on the door. I guess JYP doesn’t care if people know which house he is in, but I don’t know if this is his actual house. I would not put it past JYP to have a party with his label mates in his house, but this house is more than likely a “set house” (a house made on a film set).  The person behind the camera looks at a gift and presses the bell, which is immediately answered by Min of missA. Oh, it’s not obvious she was waiting for that bell at all. *wink* Anyway, the person is ushered inside and the festivities begin.  You can tell right away there is no complex dancing or things like that, so I’ll just skip right past that part from now. The MV moves through segments like the JYP label mates cleaning up a set, cooking Christmas dinner together and opening gifts. Singing happens by many JYP artists, like Jo Kwon and San E., who bring the “break it down” part of the song. It’s not “hard rapping”, which helps keep the soft beat of the song constant.  The entire MV is very happy and festive, which ends with a group shot of everyone at the party.

The MV has a very strong theme of unity within the “JYP Nation” and it shows with many fellow JYP artists interacting with each other, which is never restricted by group-only interactions. 

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The thing I love the most about this MV is that it includes members you might not expect to be in it. The Wonder Girls are on hiatus and Sohee just left the group, but both made appearances in the MV. It’s a confirmation of friendly relations to those that doubted Sohee and JYP did not end on good terms. It also shows that JYP has not forgotten the Wonder Girls at all. The MV is extremely happy and group-oriented, which is nice to see for an MV made by an entire label. It would make little sense to see only missA and 2PM or any combination of a group with JYP involved for the MV (you know JYP would show up either way).  Another good thing the MV does is involve as many artists as it can, which gives plenty of fans something to watch for in the video. The song is soft and calming, which is great for a family/unity-themed Christmas song. You actually believe the artists would be this festive with you, if you were actually there. This is more than likely to be true for some people more than others *cough* Jo Kwon *cough*, but I’m sure the JYP artists are all nice people. Overall, it’s a wonderful Christmas song and I hope this is a trend that doesn’t stop among labels everywhere. Other labels have released “Label-wide” Christmas songs as well, but JYP Nation’s “This Christmas” wins me over the most. Enjoy the rest of the Christmas season and the new year to come, everyone! ^_^

[Note: JYP in this post refers to Park Jin-young and not JYP Entertainment]

Enjoy the MV and happy holidays once more! ^^


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