Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays To Everyone!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying this season and will enter the new year with joy.  I’m not doing anything big for my Christmas, but I am having a little Kpop party on my own. The theme is “Lonely Christmas”, so you can guess which song I played first and maybe which one I will end with too. No need to be sad if you are alone on Christmas too. There are many ways to have fun and celebrate what you have this time of year. Anyway, I hope everyone is in good health and enjoys the rest of this year. Here’s my Kpop “Lonely Christmas” playlist. Don’t worry because this list is not as depressing as the theme makes it sound. It’s more of a joke theme like Crayon Pop’s “Lonely Christmas”, but it’s also the situation I am in now. Confused yet? It’s okay. Enjoy! ^_^


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