Song of the Week: Crayon Pop’s “Lonely Christmas”

It’s that time of the week and I promised Christmas themed entries for these two upcoming weeks, so here we go with week one. It’s Crayon Pop‘s turn to be here and they certainly are deserving. Crayon Pop officially debuted on June 24, 2012 and they started promotions in Japan. The group was apparently  going to be called “Hurricane Pop” in the beginning, but that changed by their debut. I’m glad for that because “Hurricane Pop” doesn’t really seem like a good name for their style. Crayon Pop is mostly known for their song “Bar Bar Bar”, which some people might call “Jumping” because that’s the part they know the most. The official name of the song is “Bar Bar Bar”, but I guess you could call the dance the “Jumping Dance”. I don’t give it a name, but I guess you can do that. Crayon Pop is similar to PSY  in the way that they both have other songs, but they are generally known for one particular song. This creates the false impression that they are “one-hit wonders”, but they are not. PSY  has songs as far back as January of 2001 and I doubt many people know that Crayon Pop actually debuted with a song called “Bing Bing” and not “Bar Bar Bar”. It’s important to be well-informed, before creating judgments about a person or group of people. 

Crayon Pop has the “feel” of a J-Pop group and that might have been done intentionally, if you look at all their MVs. Crayon Pop might be an attempt to get the audience that likes the wacky-fun angle some J-Pop groups use for their fans.

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I’ll get into Crayon Pop and how they are a very important group for the Japanese idol industry to watch in another post. Let’s get to the song now. The MV starts some typing and then we go to one of the members opening a large breaker and flipping a switch, which apparently fixed whatever electrical problems they were having before. The cute dancing starts soon after and you’ll notice the helmets have returned. I’m not sure they ever left, but there are here and now they have stars on them. They’re the kind of stars you put on the top of a Christmas tree, which is emphasized by their outfits. No, the they did not wear the Christmas tree outfits for the MV.  [Warning! Fashion Corner is Starting]They have tops that look like presents with bows tied over the right side of their chests and the bottom is a skirt that is like the bottom of a Christmas tree. The tops are red, the bottoms (obviously) green and the stars are a light gold. The Christmas colors work for the  theme of the song and they have white gloves to bring it all together. The look is cute, which means it works for them. [Alert! Fashion Corner is Over] Anyway, the MV is fairly simple. The girls of Crayon Pop are mainly singing and shaking their legs, which is likely to imitate being cold because that shows up often in the song. Lyrics like “On this silent night, /on this holy night I stay up /all night alone once again/ Because I’m lonely, /it’s so cold, cold, cold” not only show the “lonely” theme in their song (if the title didn’t get that across already), but also explain some of the movements they are doing in the MV.  The MV is made in a “making of” style, which means it looks like the girls of Crayon Pop produced the video themselves. It reminds me of 2NE1’s “Do You Love Me?”, except “Lonely Christmas” is clearly done with higher-grade equipment for their “making of” style. There are various scenes where Cho-a (초아) does wacky things like having a false mustache and So-yul even fires at the screen with a Rudolph nose on. The entire video ends hilariously by revealing the video they “produced” was not filmed properly when they watch it on their small t.v., which is due to the  camera being knocked over and filming the bottom of their set. This blunder is thanks to the “camera girl” who is played by fellow member Way (웨이). [To be fair, the mic girl played by Ellin (엘린) saw the camera fall and did nothing] >_<

Although the group did not wear the outfits seen above in the MV, the skirts were reminiscent of these outfits and the stars were still on their helmets (thought being more transparent). This decision was likely made because the outfits seen above look difficult to dance in and the helmets are currently how people mostly recognize the girls of Crayon Pop.

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The song talks about being lonely on Christmas, but has the lyrics “Don’t worry, Be Happy” to not make the song depressing for those who can understand the lyrics. The video alone is enough to make you feel like the title “Lonely Christmas” is a joke and maybe it is supposed to be a joke. The girls never really look sad, except Way (웨이) who caused the camera to fall. Even then, that’s supposed to be funny and it works. The dance is fairly simple, as I mentioned before. It’s mostly them moving around in a circle or shaking their legs and moving from side to side. The song is meant to be a Christmas song to lift the spirits, despite the title and that means a complicated dance is not necessary. A nice note about the MV is that each member says their name with a line at the end of the video, which is like signing a Christmas card to their fans. It’s done when they are skipping in a circle and each takes time to say their line with their name, before the video cuts to the funny ending. Overall, the MV works for the purpose of making a fun Christmas song and getting more attention to Crayon Pop. I do believe that the song is very catchy and uplifting, but we’ll see how long Crayon Pop sticks to this style and those helmets they wear. The public can be very fickle and the same repeated style will turn off some people after a while. However, Crayon Pop is safe with this style for now and there is no worries about people getting tired of their cuteness just yet.

Here’s the MV of “Lonely Christmas”! Enjoy your holidays! ^_^

Here’s some “Lonely Christmas” live!


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