Music Bank Year End Special Fills The Heart With Christmas Joy

It’s that special time of year again! The Christmas spirit has hit the K-pop world and idols at the Music Bank Year End Special are making sure everyone feels the love. I have not seen such a idol-filled event, since Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2013 and this happens every year just like MAMA. All the idols appear happy and there is little reason to not be happy now. The year is coming to a close and people should reflect on what they have and are grateful for in life. It’s easy to find the bad things, but there are good things to be happy about and the audience of this special have another thing to add to that “good list”. This special was very unique because of the special stages, hits from the past year and Christmas themed stages.

The Christmas spirit filled the hearts of the idols and audience as performances went on, which included Christmas song performances in English as well.

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The special starts with a special stage with many idols, which included Naeun (A Pink), Wooyoung,(2PM) Hyorin(SISTAR), Niel(TEEN TOP), Seojun, Bora(SISTAR), Ailee and Dynamic Duo. The song was a combination of “Happy Together” and “Last Christmas”. Ailee came in to sing “Last Christmas”, which was done in English and quickly moved into the larger performance with all the idols mentioned before. It’s no surprise they chose Ailee to sing “Last Christmas”, since Ailee speaks fluent English and has a wonderful stage presence. The additional experience as a solo artist works well with her singing in English. Some idols might be nervous because they don’t have confidence in their English and then they are singing alone. This was a good move by Music Bank and the accompaniment of the other idols shortly after brings the idea of “unity” to the stage, which is a core value of Christmas. Crayon Pop came next with “Lonely Christmas” and “Bar Bar Bar”, which had the classic cute element to it. I like “Lonely Christmas” and it’s a cute song to dance to with the family, if they’re in a fun mood. They were followed by some of this year’s hits, which were VIXX’s “VOODOO Doll”, Girl’s Day’ “Expectation”, Dynamic Duo’s “Baam”, A Pink’s “No No No” (remix), Ailee’s “You & I” (remix), M.I.B’s “Men In Black” (get it? :3), Teen Top’s “Rocking” and “Miss Right”, miss A’s “Hush”, K.Will’s “You Don’t Know Love”, SISTAR’s “Give It To Me” (remix), Infinite’s “Destiny” (remix), EXO’s “Growl”, 4Minute’s “What’s Your Name” (remix), BEAST’s “Shadow”, IU’s “The Red Shoes”, 2PM’s “Come Back When You Hear  This Song” (remix), KARA’s “Damaged Lady” and SHINee’s “Everybody”. Do you see this list?! Do you understand how big this event was now? You could not get tired in the audience and you had to stand if you did. These idols came out with their hits from the past, which had at least four MAMA 2013 winners (SHINee, Ailee, Dynamic Duo and EXO).

Christmas was the real theme of the event, even if the technical theme was “End-Of-The-Year”. The audience has Christmas colored lights to cheer along to the performances, which were done with Christmas themed stages. 

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The Christmas-themed stages were very special and interesting. The first one was  by Nine Muses and it was “Santa Baby”. I can’t help thinking these girls are somewhere between the good and naughty list, but the performance was a nice one. They sang the song in English, which took me by surprise and it was done well. The speed of the song probably helped, since it is easier to speak or sing in a language when you can take it slow.  Fellow Christmas stages were “Sleigh Ride” by Eunji (A Pink) and Kiwang (BEAST), “Let It Snow” by IU and K.Will and “Way Back Into Love” by Suzy (missA)and Junho (2PM). All these songs were sung in English and with no noticeable errors (if there were any), which really impressed me. There was some footage playing on a screen behind each of the English sung Christmas songs, but I don’t recognize the footage. It looked like it was from a movie. Some interesting stages were like covers of the songs, but noticeably shorter and involving more people than the original song/performance. These stages were Girl’s Day and VIXX performing “Now” by Trouble Maker, AOA and TEEN TOP with M.I.B performing “Gentleman” by PSY. These stages were very fun to watch, especially seeing Girl’s Day doing Hyuna’s part of “Now” and everyone in PSY’s “Gentleman”.  The special ended with everyone singing a wonderful Christmas tune, which brought the special together to leave everyone with Christmas joy. It was a wonderful performance and I encourage everyone to find any streaming sites that show the special, if they find any and share them in the comments.

Enjoy the holidays everyone and these next two weeks will have Christmas themes for “Song of the Week” (starting tomorrow). ^_^

Special Stage with Naeun (A Pink), Wooyoung,(2PM) Hyorin(SISTAR), Niel(TEEN TOP), Seojun, Bora(SISTAR), Ailee and Dynamic Duo.

Crayon Pop with “Lonely Christmas” and “Bar Bar Bar”.

VIXX with “VOODOO Doll”.

Nine Muses with “Santa Baby”.

Girl’s Day with “Expectation”.

Dynamic Duo with “Baam”.

A Pink with “No No No” (remix).

Girl’s Day and VIXX performing “Now” by Trouble Maker.

Ailee with “You & I” (remix)!

M.I.B with “Men In Black” (Did you get it yet? ><)

TEEN TOP with “Rocking”…

and “Miss Right”.

AOA and TEEN TOP with M.I.B performing “Gentleman” by PSY.

missA with “Hush”.

K.Will with “You Don’t Know Love”.

SISTAR with “Give It To Me” (remix).

Suzy (missA) and Junho (2PM) with “Way Back Into Love”.

Eunji (A Pink) and Kiwang (BEAST) with “Sleigh Ride”.

IU and K.Will with “Let It Snow”.

Infinite with “Destiny” (remix).

EXO with “Growl”.

4Minute with “What’s Your Name” (remix).

BEAST with “Shadow”.

IU with “The Red Shoes”.

2PM with “Come Back When You Hear This Song”. (remix)

KARA with “Damaged Lady”.

SHINee with “Everybody”.

Ending Song/Segment.


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