The Foggy Future of the Wonder Girls

It’s been almost a year since Sunye of the Wonder Girls got married to James Park, who met the Wonder Girls‘ leader during missionary work in Haiti. Sunye became a mother of a healthy baby girl (I call her a “Wonder Baby) on October 16th of this year, which the newly wed couple have been parents for about two months now. Wonderfuls (Wonder Girls fans) were happy for Sunye, but some became nervous that the Wonder Girls would disband. It’s not a foolish thing to worry about because the member in question was the leader of the group and that has a big impact on the group. A group promoting without its leader is certainly odd, even if it is possible. Also, it was predictable that Sunye would want to focus on her new family after giving birth and sometimes new mothers fall in love with simply being a mother. Even so, JYP had repeatedly denied rumors of Wonder Girls disbanding and the members began solo activities. Now some new information has come out concerning another member of the Wonder Girls and it’s making everyone rethink what might happen to the group.

The Wonder Girls have been doing solo promotions after Sunye got married and the group is currently labeled as “On Hiatus” by JYP. 

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The member in question is Wonder Girls’ Sohee. Sohee is a vocalist in the group and a main dancer, while also being considered the “face of the group”. She has made a big name for herself in modeling and acting. Sohee has been in Vogue, Elle Girl, Ceci and COSMOPOLITAN to name a few famous magazines involved. She has also been in on many teleision shows (from variety to interview-types), three dramas (“Here He Comes”, “The Wonder Girls” and “Happy Rose Day”) and two movies (“Hellcats” and “The Last Godfather”). “The Wonder Girls” was a drama about the group that aired on the American television network known as “Teen Nick” and it should be noted that Sohee’s appearance in “The Last Godfather” was a cameo. Plenty of idols act as a “jack-of-all-trades” by balancing being a singer with acting, modeling and CF work. However, some do find the appeal of other trades like modeling or acting more appealing and make the transition. This is the case for Sohee and acting, which was confirmed by JYP recently. Sohee’s contract expires on the 21st of this month and a press release had confirmed that she will not be renewing her contract as part of the Wonder Girls. The reasons were apparently acting related and it was included that Yenny, Yubin and even Sunye would be renewing their contracts, but there were minor details involved. Various news about whether Sohee will stay with JYP or go to another agency was mentioned, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Wonder Girls

It is not uncommon for group members to change or for some group members to pursue other career paths, but a member leaving the group usually has some kind of impact overall.

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I saw this news and wondered just what JYP could do. People have been curious about what would happen to the Wonder Girls because JYP did not have a clear plan for what would happen to them. Some people thought Sunmi would rejoin the group when she came back with “24 Hours”, but no such news has been announced. I don’t see her going back to Wonder Girls, but she might work with them at some point. Sunmi seems to be set as a solo artist now, but anything could happen. I just get a “solo vibe” from Sunmi now, who reminds me of Kahi, who was formerly a member of After School. The article that talks about Sohee not renewing her contract mentions Sunye renewing her contract with some kind of clarification of terms involved, which is a bit surprising. The group has been on hiatus for a while and the rumors of disbanding are fueled by little information on any kind of plan for the Wonder Girls. Some people say it is because JYP is focusing too much on missA or JYP had really given up on Wonder Girls, but I don’t believe it is either. I believe JYP is truly confused on how to go about handling the situation. Giving the group a hiatus while Sunye handles being a mother is fine, but it gives the other members time to find the appeals of other career paths. This is not necessarily bad, but that can mean they see more appeal in careers like acting. The transition from idol to actress or model can appear more appealing when even the members are not told about any details involving the future of the group. Some members might feel that the group will never come back and decide that going down a new path is better. This would also mean JYP really doesn’t know what to do with the Wonder Girls or is really not giving them much attention. I feel it is the former choice, but it’s a little of both at this point . Sohee deciding not to renew her contract and go into acting should be a “wake-up call” to JYP. Some kind of plan needs to be created to help fans feel at ease that the group will remain and perhaps even to assure the members that the Wonder Girls will return again. Whether Sohee would ever return to the group is uncertain and we’ll have to wait and see.

Here’s some Wonder Girl music to bide time and I recall this song being nominated at the MAM 2012 ceremony. ^^

Also, some Sunmi for those who don’t know her yet.



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