Viewer/Visitor Kpop Biases ♥

I’m just curious about what kind of Kpop groups people like and who their bias in the group is as well. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before, but my group is 2NE1 (Blackjack) and my bias is Minzy (Minja). I loved 2NE1 as soon as I heard “I AM THE BEST” and an instant connection was formed. I did not have a bias, until I saw 2NE1 TV. I realized how much I have in common with Minzy and how our attitudes would work well together. I’m not saying I’m anywhere as good a dancer or as fierce, but her off-stage personality made me feel like I was watching a “kindred spirit”. This is why I support shows like “Big Bang TV”, 2NE1 TV” and the soon-to-be “WINNER TV”. These shows allow viewers to see what the idols are like off-stage because even the cameras are soon forgotten by the idols and they show their true selves. This is classic for reality shows that observe subjects/people and it helps the observer(s) see the truth. At least more of it than usual.

I came to Kpop from Jpop and I wanted to find a different vibe from the one I got in Jpop. I still like Jpop, but I wanted something fierce and tough. I didn’t really get that from Jpop idols, but I found that in 2NE1. ^^

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Anyway, you can comment your favorite group and bias in that group. There is also a poll for some groups.  If there are any groups I did not get in the poll, then I will check the comments and add them later on. Solo artists can count too, so don’t be afraid to mention a solo artist as your bias. ^_^


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