Song of the Week: Park Ji-yoon’s “Mr. Lee”

Park Ji-yoon is a “jack-of-all-trades”, which I found out recently. She’s not only a singer, but an actress and model too. This is not uncommon in the Korean entertainment industry, but it was something I did not expect from her. I knew her from the KBS drama “Shut Up Family”, which was later re-named “Family” because the station apparently got complaints about “shut up” being involved with the word “family”. I can see how some people will be annoyed by that, but I never cared about the title too much anyway. Most websites kept the original title and I could almost hear the outro say the original title when moving to the previews for the next episode. I digress this much because Park Ji-yoon was one of the main cast of that show and I had thought she was only an actress from it. I had heard comments on her being a singer, but I had never payed those comments any mind. I heard “Mr. Lee” and I realize that she is a great singer and a great actress. All in my own opinion, of course. ^^

Park Ji-yoon (center) played the eldest daughter of the family above in the drama. Her character was spoiled, used her charms to get around doing work whenever possible and a little air-headed at times, but she does develop into a much more likable character by the show’s end. 

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Now to the actual song. The song starts with no music at all and items focused on beauty (with some technology) being put down or held. The song then starts and we see Park Ji-yoon with various men in individual shots. She starts to sing and it is in a soft tone, which is pleasant and a good way to start the song. Each man develops a mark on their face or is introduced with one as the video moves forward. While this is happening, Park  Ji-yoon is making tallies on her arm with what appears to be a brush for makeup (forgive my lack of makeup knowledge). As the title of the song is “Mr. Lee”, we can safely assume each male has “Lee” in their name somewhere. This is soon confirmed when names start to appear by each man that appears in solo shots. This is a part I like because each man that appears gets acknowledged. Names that appeared were Mr. Lee Donghyun (relief pitcher for the LG Twins in the Korea Baseball Organization), Lee Jungchi (singer/guitarist, famous for going from WGM couple to real married couple with Jo Jung Chi) and even Lee Minho (famous actor). The next segment is an instrumental one, which is a pleasant way to slow the song down and make it unique. Park Ji-yoon is singing solo, so her singing in that part would make the song sound like it runs on and on. Park Ji-yoon even shows up trying to play the drums along with some other people who shift into the seat in successive shots. After another segment of singing like the intro, San E’s rap segment begins. It’s a softer rap than what people might expect, but that helps it mesh well with the song. After that, Park Ji-yoon finishes the song and even has a “credits segment”, which has an instrumental version of the song and gives credit to everyone involved.

The “party scene” appears later on in the MV when enough people have been introduced and you’ll even notice another woman appears in this scene as well. An interesting note is that the bear and bunny characters in the back are known as Brown and Cony, which are famous characters used in LINE (a messenger service) as stickers. 

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One thing I really like about this MV is that there are parts when a symbol of an instrument appears on the screen. This instrument actually represents the instrument that just played in the song, such a a trombone note being played or a key on a piano. The dance is simple, even if some people refuse to call it a dance. I particularly like the dancing when San E is rapping, such as the pointing at an upward angle and moving back and forth. It’s fun and simple, which helps it fit into the flow of the song. Park Ji-yoon is not making a fast-paced dance song, so it was smart of her to make the movements and dancing in her song as simple as possible. The theme of the song is pretty clear from the title alone. Park Ji-yoon is in love with a man named “Mr. Lee” and is debating with herself over how to act on it. San E comes in with a type of advice during his rap segment. Lyrics like “Why are you doing this? You’re a pretty high-class girl yourself /But every day at this time, you text me, asking if I’m sleeping/ I don’t like easy girls/ I like it trendy girl, look Plus my personal taste are stockings/ No I don’t like obsessive stalking/ I can see right through you,/ see through you/ If you wanna master Mr. Lee/ Click refresh” show he is stating a confident, high-class girl is his preference. Obsessive behavior like stalking is advised against, which could be a statement to the listeners. There are many songs advising what to do with love and how the singer behaves with various kinds of love, but obsessive behavior is never really addressed. Overall, I really like the song and I hope Park Ji-yoon continues to succeed as a singer too.

Here is the MV of “Mr. Lee”.

Here is Park Ji-yoon performing “Mr. Lee” live w/ San E!

Also, episodes of “Shut Up Family/Family” can be found here. I highly recommend the drama. ^_^


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