WINNER: Idols of Reality Television

WINNER isn’t a modest name for a group, but the competition that group went through certainly wasn’t easy. If you think about it, YG can be seen as a label that gives its groups very confident names. Big Bang (make a big impact on the industry), 2NE1 (music to reach anyone), and Epik High (no explanation needed) are a few names that show a confidence in the groups talents. WINNER  for me is an extremely powerful name for a group and I often wonder what will happen when they lose on music shows or variety shows, if they ever go on variety shows. We all know YG is careful when letting his idols on variety programs. Some go on more than others, but the boys of WINNER  are fairly young and should be given some time to mature. WINNER takes second place for “Most Confident Name” in my book though. First place goes to DBSK or “Rising Gods of the East”, who are under S.M. Entertainment. That name does not hold back at all. >< 

YG’s WINNER Returns to Television through New Reality Show

WINNER, formerly known as “Team A” on the reality-competition show “WIN”, has a large fan base. They also have a lot of pressure to deal with in order to live up to the expectations people have for them, especially after beating out another team with a large fan base. 

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News sites for K-pop have often given certain groups titles to mark them for a skill or “hook” they are promoting in the group. I’m not sure how often the labels themselves use these titles, but fans all over know them. There is “Adult-dols” for the girl group Brown Eyed Girls and the term “Twerk-dols” was used for the new rookie girl group Wa$$up, however that title for Wa$$up might no longer apply. I wonder if WINNER will become “Reality-dols” because of a recent bit of news. That recent bit of news is that WINNER will have their own reality show soon, which will be called “WINNER TV”. Fans of Big Bang or 2NE1 might know this move from seeing “Big Bang TV” or “2NE1 TV”. I watched all of “2NE1 TV” and found it amazing. It was after watching “2NE1 TV” that I was able to connect to 2NE1 on a deeper level and find my bias. I believe these shows actually help people feel closer to the members of the group, even if they are an ocean away. I also believe this is why YG is making this move. It is true that the boys of WINNER are young and maturing, but this is a good chance for people unsure of how they really are to learn more. Some hate from “Team B” fans or anyone else could also be removed through this show.

“2NE1 TV” made me feel like I could connect more to the group and showed that the girls of 2NE1 were just like everyone else under their “idol surface”. This is one good move to make, if a label wants to help people feel connected to the artist(s).

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It is likely that many people will be watching “WINNER TV” to see how they really are, since this is YG’s first boy group release since Big Bang and to see if the boys deserved the support they received during the show “WHO IS NEXT: WIN”. I will be watching to see how they boys react to the idol life because they are already receiving a lot of attention, which is both positive and negative. The positive attention generally comes from their fans and supporters of “YG Family”, while the negative attention generally comes from angry “Team B” fans and”haters/anti-fans”. Some V.I.Ps during Big Bang’s “DOME TOUR” in Japan felt angry that WINNER would be opening for them because they felt WINNER  was not as good as Big Bang and have not earned it. This shows that some fans within the same label can have issues with the group, but hopefully WINNER TV” will resolve those issues. My final thoughts on the matter are if the boys of WINNER expressed regret for pushing back “Team B” and making their debut date ambiguous, then they aren’t likely to be horrible people. I say everyone should give them a chance.

Here is some “2NE1 TV” for you. ^^

Also, some “Big Bang TV” as well.

So, will you be giving “WINNER TV” a chance?


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