Song of the Week: Tiny-G’s “Miss You”

Tiny-G is a rookie girl group in the Kpop scene, but they certainly have the potential to go far. Tiny-G debuted on August 23, 2012 with the single “TINY-G”. The debut single being the same as the name of the group might become a new trend in the world of Kpop. Rookie girl group Wassup debuted with “WASSUP” and Tiny-G did the same thing. This does not appear to be a current trend, as other rookie groups have not done the same. Either way, it has the potential to become a new trend. Tiny-G consists of four members, whose names are DoHee, J Min, Mint and Myeong Ji. J Min is the leader and Myeong Ji is the maknae. An interesting note about the group is that they aren’t much taller than 5’0″. That’s where the “tiny” part comes from and the “G” is supposed to mean “giant”, which refers to their fierce and tough personalities. They were very friendly on a segment of “Showbiz Korea”, but I guess being fierce/tough does not mean being unapproachable or anti-social.

Tiny-G has the charms from being short and cute, which they can use to separate themselves from the taller girl groups who focus on emphasizing their long legs and height by relation. 

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The song “Miss You” is described as a song that has the girls of Tiny-G talking about their crushes towards the people they love being ignored, but it is not complaining. Somehow that makes sense, but the logic of the description is not too important. The song is catchy and the outfits are cute. I noticed DoHee is wearing “Mickey Mouse” ears at one point, which I guess they handles somehow. I just know Disney is one of the big companies that always jumps on copyrighted products and the like, but the MV is up and out there. Lyrics like “Why did I fall for you of all people? But I still like you, why?” do show the speaking out, but not complaining part the song’s description mentioned. In the same segment of “Showbiz Korea” mentioned above, DoHee mentions that they have a cat concept for “Miss You” and that their leader, J Min, fits the concept the most. J Min has cat ears woven from her hair and placed in the position to make her look like a “cat-girl”. The dance is not the most complex, but it does a good job of appealing to the cat-like concept. The girls make paws with their hands for part of their dance and the other parts involve simple moves, which come off as looking cute. The beat is seems to match the lyrics and has a noticeable “punch” when the song reaches the end of a sentence or is starting up again. Each member appears to get their own screen-time and the group gets a full shot fairly often. I feel like J Min might have gotten a little less time than everyone else, despite being described as the most matching for the song’s concept. There is a part of the song where it slows down and you get an individual shot of each member, but that’s not giving anyone extra lines. Even so, the song is very catchy and the members certainly come off as cute. Mint has shots where she has a fierceness to her, but I can’t help feeling like they are cute more often than they are fierce. I’m guessing they want to have a balance where the two concepts are separate, which might mean their heights will be their biggest challenge. I do believe it should not be too much of a problem, if Tiny-G is given the right outfits and concept for a song. Height is not a hindrance for being fierce, but it can matter when the concept of a song tries to promote both at the same time. In the end, the song is catchy and the members are great here. I’d advise watching them progress in the Kpop world because I believe they have the potential to be big stars!

Here is the segment of “Showbiz Korea” with Tiny-G. They are at 6:14 in the video.

Here is their latest single “Miss You”! Enjoy. ^_^


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