[Alert!] 2AM Plans To Bring Christmas Cheer!

Big news for “I AM”s (2AM fans) is coming in time for Christmas! All 2AM fans on the west coast of America will be in for a treat this Christmas because 2AM is planning a special “Nocturne” Christmas concert at the Club Nokia in Los Angeles, California. 2AM plans to help bring Christmas joy to all their fans, but that is not all. Oh, there is more and this is bit of information is a good reason to consider going to the “party”. I will mention from now that the information that follows appears to be for their concert on December 7-8 in South Korea, but they might do something special as well for the L.A. concert. No special aspects have been revelaed for the L.A. concert yet, but they might do something special because it will be the Christmas season. Anyway, 2AM has made a few promises for their concert and they are very generous. According to translations online. Changmin has promised that he will invite one person to the dressing room and take photos with them, Jo Kwon has promised he will hand out a sign CD of our mini album, ‘NOCTURNE’, Jinwoon has promised he will unveil his abs during the concert and Seulong has promised he will take a photo with the audience members and share the photo on Twitter as proof. Seulong’s promise has the direct translation of “an audience members”, so it’s not too clear if his promise is an audience shot or similar to Changmin’s promise with the addition of the Twitter part. Either way, these promises are very nice and some are extremely kind, such as the photo promises. Jinwoon’s promise will certainly make him cold, if it is snowing and windy. Either way, they members of 2AM were kind enough to make these promises when they didn’t have to do it. According to the same translations online, the lucky fans will be chosen based on seat numbers to make it fair. This means you have to chance to be involved in their promises just by attending the concert. The shot of the audience with the members might happen anyway, since it is a special Christmas concert. Do not feel jealous, U.S. “I AM”s. 2AM apparently has made the same promises for you too, according to an MNET update. It’s Christmas after all, so be good and maybe they’ll reward you. ^^


2AM is kind enough to spend part of their Christmas with their fans and even make special promises to bring those same fans some Christmas cheer. They are very kind people. 

[Photo Credit: HaiJie of Soompi France forums] Link: http://tinyurl.com/kp3jenc

Here is the forum with the translated post (It’s Soompi France, so only a few posts underneath are likely to be in English. Translating the site is possible, if your browser permits): http://tinyurl.com/kp3jenc

Here is the trailer for the special 2AM “Nocturne” Christmas Concert 2013!

These are links provided by MNET to purchase tickets for the L.A. concert: http://bit.ly/2AMtixpowerhouse & http://bit.ly/2AMtixAXS

So, are you excited yet? *\^_^/*


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