I ♥ Dance: Infinite Flash Mob and More!


I ♥ Dance is officially recognized by some K-pop fans and is known for their professional quality K-pop dance covers. 

[Photo Credit: Personal]

Inspirits lined up for the Infinite concert in NYC on November 16th. “2013 Infinite 1st World Tour: One Great Step” in NYC had a line that covered half the block the venue was on and wrapped around that corner. I noticed the security kept adjusting the grates and occasionally pushed some people back to make them fit. I understand fangirls can be rowdy, but I felt they were being a bit too irritated. The weather was cold and I can vouch for that, since I stood out in the cold for an hour to catch the flash mob. Anyway, the fans never got violent or pushed back. I suppose no one felt like taking a chance and ruining their “best day ever”. I did not get inside the venue to see the concert, but I have read great reviews. It’s okay because my main purpose of going out in that cold was to cover I ♥ Dance’s flash mob.


The line had Inspirits with signs, neon signs and all kinds of clothing on. This is a portion of the line closest to the door. These people got here early and they waited a long time.

[Photo Credit: Personal Photo]

Anyway, the flash mob started some time around 4:40/5:00pm and it was led by founder MJ Choi. The flash of consisted of the dances from the songs “Come Back Again”, “Before the Dawn”, “Be Mine”, “Paradise”, “Chaser” and “Destiny”. It seems it was the major parts involving the most dancing of each song, which might have been due to the cold weather and late time of the concert. MJ Choi founded I ♥ Dance back in 2006. “I wanted to help people who were interested in dance, but were scared of learning dances,” says MJ Choi on why she started the group. I ♥ Dance also has a diverse group of students, which is made up of many Non-Koreans. It started out with a small Korean community involvement, but soon evolved to include a wide variety of races. I ♥ Dance has been doing flash mobs for a while now and they are not always at a K-pop concert, which makes sense because K-pop stars don’t come here too often. However, they do make the effort to do K-pop flash mobs as a way to welcome the group to the area. Whether the group sees the flash mob or not is a mystery to me. I first saw I ♥ Dance at the 2NE1: New Evolution concert at the Prudential Center on August 17th of last year. I did not know it was them at the time and it was my first time seeing a flash mob. I ♥ Dance promotes having fun in their dancing, but adds an element of professionalism to their dance covers and flash mobs. I mentioned them in a previous blog entry, but I’m not talking about them in detail. I ♥ Dance has also done a flash mob for the Big Bang “Alive” concert at the Prudential Center last year too. I see no news on a flash mob for the B.A.P concert in NYC, which was on May 17th of this year. I ♥ Dance is a NYC based group, so a concert has to be close by for them to reach the venue and perform a flash mob. They might expand in the future, but the group is content with its size for now.


I ♥ Dance teaches any student the ways of dance, regardless of factors like age, gender or race. The group will also continue on with planned flash mobs, even in cold weather and evening darkness. ><

[Photo Credit: Personal]

I ♥ Dance has two studios in NYC. One is in Manhattan and it is located at (DANY Studios) 305 W 38th Street 3rd Floor, Manhattan, New York 10018. The main studio for I ♥ Dance is located at the I LOVE DANCE Studio on 42-35 162nd Street, Basement, Flushing, NY 11358 (Basement of Bakery De Paris). Classes can be changed to meet certain circumstances, so it is usually best to either call them at 800-653-2113 or check the class schedule at http://www.ilovedance.us for any news. I have personally seen these classes, flash mobs and met MJ Choi myself. I can confirm that I ♥ Dance is a very welcoming and talented group, which is led by a very caring mentor (MJ Choi). I highly recommend anyone close enough to try out the classes to do so. You’ll be having fun in no time. ^^

Here is the footage I got for the Infinite Flash Mob myself.

Here is the I ♥ Dance flash mob at the 2NE1: New Evolution concert.

Here is I ♥ Dance at the Big Bang “Alive” concert.

I ♥ Dance’s Facebook Page and Youtube channel are below as well,



So, what do you think? ^_^


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