[Breaking]/”Song of the Week” 2NE1 Comeback: “Missing You”

Glory days have come again! 2NE1 has returned and it’s a wonderful ballad.The beginning starts off slowly and the “Oooo, aaaaah” part is chilling. The theme is not a dark one like I had thought, but it is a sad one. It appears the from the title and some lyrics that the song is about a guy (probably the one represented by the figure with the crystal mask) and how they miss him, while wanting a different type of love than they’ve been getting so far. I take lyrics like “I don’t like love that’s like a child playing with fire” or “I don’t like the calculative love of adults” to mean that the love being sought out is not a risky or dangerous one filled with naivety, like a child playing with fire. On the other hand, the love cannot be a cold and planned out one, like an accountant planning business reports. It might be one that comes from the heart and emits feelings of passion and safety. The type of love being sought does not appear to be clear to me, but it is made clear the two mentioned in the lyrics above are not the desired types.

The dark look seen here that makes it look like someone has just died might have been done on purpose to show that a love had died, since lyrics suggest a love that is no longer there. 

[Photo Credit: ygladies.com] Link: http://tinyurl.com/leb6l8j

As mentioned above, the openings scene that gives off the impression someone has died could have been symbolic of the love that is hinted at having died in the song. The lyrics that make me feel this way are “The love of my youth is ending like this/ Please be happy/ Even after a long time passes, let’s both remember/ That we both had each other back then”. This definitely feels like a sad song about a love that has faded. Perhaps it became like the two undesired types of love mentioned in the lyrics earlier, but whatever happened made the sad theme of the song. It’s clear to me that the break-up was not desired, but it had to be done. It’s like two people who grow apart because the love went away in the relationship. This is an issue that people have to deal with, so it’s nice to see 2NE1 tackling this issue. Now I know there are two things I see people talking about and I’ll address them now. The first one I will talk about is something that was talked about before the song came out. It is CL being nude in the MV. Calm down, if you didn’t know this yet. It’s one (technically two) scenes and they go by quickly. The first one is her in a small tub and only her back is visible, which has a word I can’t quite make out. This scene quickly moves to a scene of CL with her hands over some of her face (in contemplation) and then the second scene I mentioned, which has her staring at the viewer with some text in the background. This text reads “If our love ceases to be-that is the-end of my world for me”, which I find stunningly powerful. I knew YG would be “CLassy” with the nudity and I’m proud they did it well. Yeah, I made the “CLassy” wordplay. Don’t pretend you didn’t see it coming. Anyway, the second part is something some people are going on about now. It’s that Dara noona doesn’t have long parts in this song. I remember when it was Bommie noona that people went on about not having enough parts, but I suppose someone had to pass it along. Anyway, I admit that it seems Sandara Park gets some short parts in this song and CL seems to be a powerful focus (as well as Minzy). I’m always honest on my opinion here, so here it comes. Dara noona’s parts are fairly short in comparison, but I feel the visuals make up for it. It was no surprise to me that she has a scene with an “eccentric” hairstyle and any Blackjack would have seen it coming by now. Spreading out parts is not easy in a song, especially when a producer wants to give the focus to someone new every now and then. The visuals are well spread out for each member and Sandara Park is given some of the most powerful ones, except for CL. I’m pretty sure CL wins for “Most Powerful Visual Symbol” in this MV, but Dara noona is a close second. I’m a Minzy bias and even I can admit that, but I did love Minzy’s outfits here. I love cool jackets and Bommie had a sexy charm that I have not seen so outgoing in a while. It was a wonderful song and one that can certainly make a person sit down and think about what love is to them.

The song sound calm, yet is has a dark and powerful message. It reveals that sometimes love cannot last forever and one has to move on. It’s sad, but love itself must not be abandoned.

[Photo Credit: ningin.com] Link: http://tinyurl.com/n2rsmjb

The song is an interesting addition to the “Love-Themed” comeback I’ve noticed 2NE1 has been focusing on. First was “Falling in Love”, then “Do You Love Me” and now “Missing You”. The word “love” might not be in the title, but it is an important aspect to the song. I find it makes me think and the idea of not wanting to have a world without love in it passed through my head. A song like that is rare and I believe this makes “Missing You” a big hit.

Here’s the MV and I suggest taking every second in. Enjoy. ^^


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