[Update: Double Park Meeting Brings Good News!]

Wonderful days are coming again! Double Park, which is made up of Park Bom (Bommie) and Sandara “Dara” Park, released an MV teaser for an upcoming song. It’s being called a comeback all over, so I’m not sure if this is the one they plan to perform at MAMA 2013. For those who remembered that news, 2NE1 was supposed to perform a new song at MAMA 2013. This might be it, so I’m not sure if we’ll get an MV before the live performance. I don’t recall that format being used before, but it is unique anyway. I’ve also seen the title  “I Miss You” or “Missing You” being used as a title for the MV, so one of those might just be the official title. The MV has a simple and somber beat to it and the girls are dressed in black attire. Someone used the term “funeral clothes”, but I’m pretty sure the theme won’t be so dark. It could be though, so just keep watching. An interesting fact is that the same outfit Dara noona has in the MV teaser is the same one she had in a previous photo she tweeted, while apparently asking for food in a cafeteria. (><)

Embedded image permalink

This is the outfit Sandara Park appears to have on in the MV Teaser. It’s not certain if this reveal was intentional or if other members took photos and put them on Twitter as secret reveals. It is unlikely they did these reveals by accident though.

[Photo Credit: Sandara Park’s Twitter account] Link: https://twitter.com/krungy21

The meeting opened with Double Park announcing a “world tour”. Now I typed “world tour” because it’s really an “Asia Tour” or a tour of some countries in Asia. These countries include China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan. The mention of touring the United States, Europe and Africa came up, but the meeting moved on before any elaboration could be done. Those additions would make it a real world tour and the first world tour I can recall of that size from a K-pop group. It would also drain them immensely, so I’ll wait another year or so to see my girls again. The next segment was on the 2NE1 comeback, which apparently has a date of November 21, 2013. I believe MAMA 2013 is the next day, so I guess the comeback song will be included in their MAMA 2013 performance and not debuted there. It sounded like they were debuting it there before, but I’ll wait for the details as they come. This format is more known (MV->Live Performance), but it is still unique to perform it the next day and at a major event. The meeting was fairly short, but long enough to get some big news out there. Look forward to all of it!

2NE1 Announces Comeback and World Tour, Reveals MV Teaser

2NE1’s new song has a sad theme to it, but the exact details are not revealed. “Missing You” or “I Miss You” are close to the opposing side of the love themed songs they’ve released lately and is an interesting opposite to their previous song “I Love You”. 

Photo Credit: soompi.com] Link: http://tinyurl.com/mhha6hb

Don’t forget to vote in MAMA 2013! It’s only four days away, so vote now! (2NE1, maybe? Maybe? Okay. ^u^)

Here’s the interview with the MV teaser at 7:28. An interesting note is CL and Minzy were there are reporters, so all of 2NE1 was technically present. ^_^

CL MV Teaser!

Minzy MV Teaser! ^_^

Dara MV Teaser!

Bommie MV Teaser!


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