Song of the Week: Lee Hyori’s “Going Crazy”

Lee Hyori is a fantastic artist. She was once a member of a popular 1st -gen idol group known as Fin.K.L and she eventually went solo. “Going Crazy” is actually a follow up track to “Bad Girls”, which I feel more people know due to the amount of promotions she did for that particular song. I like the feel of this song a bit more though. It has that beat I used to hear during the 90s and the visuals are pleasing. Lee Hyori is one of a few that people call “The Queen of Kpop” and even I use that term when I talk about her.

IPB Image

Lee Hyori (second to the left) has been in the music scene for a while and carries a lot of respect from 1st and 2nd generation idols, as well as most people in the South Korean entertainment industry.

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The MV gets going pretty quickly and starts out with a shot of a group of models, which are actually from Korea’s Next Top Model 4. They play a variety of women with personalities that generally match their outfits. The plot from the story line seems to be a woman regretting letting of a man, who seems to be just fine with attracting other women. This might be the reason the main woman regrets letting him go because it becomes clear she needed him more than he needed her. Lyric translations, provided by, like “Typical story, typical song/ About a man leaving and a girl crying/ I promised that I’d never sing about that/ But why am I crying/ over a guy right now?/ I’m such a pitiful loser, someone please stop me/ I am going crazy because of you” gives the impression that plot interpretation is correct. The guy in question is actually played by Lee Hyori herself, which is very amusing to watch. I’ll even admit I did not know it was Lee Hyori at first, but I eventually caught on because of her mannerisms and facial expressions. I remembered them from “Family Outing” and she eventually changes into a classy-looking women in what appears to be fancy lingerie, which gives off the appearance of fancy clothing. She walks away from a women in the beginning where those lyrics above start, so I doubt she is becoming the woman in the plot. She is likely just becoming a woman to represent that side of the story in general.

Cross-dressing is nothing new to K-pop, but the ability to sell it is a vital one. Unless you are doing it for humor, one needs to be able to transform into that gender. A good make-up artist helps, but the musical artist will also need to have features to help with the transformation.

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There is a narration part, which is done by An Young Mi, and it appears close to the end of the song. Her narration goes “Oh my, Hyori, why do you like that guy so much?/ Is he that great? /Let me see him, let me/ Oh my, oh my, it’s a hallelujah”. This confirms the idea that the guy in question is deemed attractive, as none of the models showed any real resistance to his charisma. Some people find the sudden narration a bit offsetting because it happens so suddenly and seems to stop the song for it. I actually like it because I hear the music faintly in the background and the visuals during the narration keep me occupied long enough for the song to start up again., The song’s beat is slow, so the narration coming in doesn’t really ruin the pacing for me either.

Lee Hyori always aims for making unique and lasting impressions with her music and “Going Crazy” has fun visuals and an interesting story line. It can be hard to follow when the MV doesn’t make it obvious, but part of the fun is trying to put together the plot on your own.

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I’ll admit the dancing portion is minimal, but I feel that was intentional. Lee Hyori has been an artist for many years and she knows how the idol world works. I feel the main point of the MV was the plot and the visuals. It works for me and the chorus is catchy for me, which is always a bonus. Overall, I find the song fun and well done. It’s a good song to listen to if you want to slow down and a great MV to watch if you want to see something funny. That’s it for this week, but the coming weeks will have interesting artists too. Keep watching! ^^

Here’s the MV for “Going Crazy”.

Here’s what it looks like when performed on stage.

I’ll see everyone next week for a new “Song of the Week”. Bye-bye! \^u^/


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