Double Park Calls All Blackjacks!

2NE1 has big plans coming up and Double Park is calling an “emergency” meeting for it. Double Park is a duo composed of Sandara “Dara” Park and Bom “Bommie” Park. They started the promotions as a duo near the release of 2NE1’s “Falling in Love” and they did variety activites together, which makes them more of a comedic duo than a musical one. They could both though. *gasp* They should do that and soon. My inner Blackjack wants that! An interesting note is that 2NE1 is rumored to be releasing a new track at MAMA 2013 and performing there as well. That is just amazing and I feel like this year’s MAMA will be a big YG concert for so many YG-stans out there again.

Double Park was meant to draw attention to 2NE1’s new promotions, which started with “Falling in Love” and now fans have permanently put that name to the “Park Sisters”. 

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Something that is intersting is that Bommie his supposed to be in GD’s Japanese version of “Black”. This song featured upcoming YG trainee/future girl group member Jennie Kim for the Korean version. Park Bom is known for her powerful voice and vocal performances in any song she take on, so I can’t wait to hear her in the Japanese version of “Black”. That’s my weekly “fanboy” entry for you. Enjoy!

This is the Korean version of “Black” by GD ft. Jennie Kim.

Here’s some Bommie for you!

Don’t forget some awesome 2NE1 tracks too. ^_^

Finally, some “Double Park”! 😀


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