Blog Update: No more Allkpop Use

I’m sure everyone knows about the recent scandal involving Ailee and Allkpop. I just want to make it known that I will no longer be using for anything in this blog. No photos, quotes or anything else. I will now refer to other sites, such as or MWave. I do not agree with the way behaved in this scandal and close observation shows they do not fit my journalistic standards. What I mean by that is they have often used misleading titles and the first “article” about the pictures of Ailee mentioned nothing but anonymous sources or “middlemen”. I believe a person should never promote anything that is harmful or rude, especially when the sources are unconfirmed. I believe that a news site should only report news that is of the public’s interest and is not harmful to someone in any way. I do not believe making articles and publicizing these pictures was necessary. I do believe YMC Entertainment when they say Ailee was scammed because I remember hearing about such a scam before. People make mistakes and Ailee happened to place her trust in the wrong hands. Getting these photos and saying it is your “duty to write about it” is not an excuse. This material has done nothing, except hurt Ailee and those who care for her. Now she has to go through unecessary hardships because decided to aid the spread of these photos.

Ailee’s Agency Takes Legal Action Regarding Distribution of Singer’s Nude Photos

Scandals involving sex or sexual content (which includes naked photos) can be the biggest scandal types of all in the Korean music Industry, which leaves the idol at the mercy of the people. 

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Ailee and YMC Entertainment can explain all they want about how she was scammed and a naive young girl when this happened, but that will likely have little effect on everyone over there. South Korea is known to be conservative with general values and beliefs on how idols should act. There is indeed a double standard all around, but it is easy to see in the Korean music industry. Scandals are avoided like the plague and it’s always a matter of when it comes out, instead of if it will come out. Sex scandals are on top of the types of scandals to avoid. Aside from parents going off about it, the anti-fans and “haters” will take this chance to tear into the idol involved. Handled incorrectly or ignored altogether, this could potentially end an idol’s career. I believe YMC Entertainment is being smart by getting a U.S. lawyer involved to speed up the process and make it simpler. The best part is that the agency did not deny the photos, until they could think up an excuse. The worst thing to do is lie about it to buy time to make up another lie. The public hates that and will never side with you again. I have heard reports of idols like G-Dragon,G.NA, miss A’s Min, U-Kiss’ Kevin and f(x)’s Amber unfollowing Allkpop on Twitter. I’ve heard some did it before this scandal and others recently, which many connect to the Alllkpop involvement with the scandal. I’m choosing to interpret this as a sign that they are standing by Ailee, which makes me happy. She needs all the support she can get now because this will be one of the toughest time in her life.

Ailee does not have a bad reputation in the Kpop world, so the spreading of these photos by their originator can only have malicious intent at the core. 

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I’d like to end this entry by mentioning something I’m told Tablo said to a while back. It seems they leaked some tracks from an album he was releasing and he apparently said something along the lines of not wanting an apology, but for Allkpop to get a conscience. It appears has not followed his advice yet. I value accuracy and integrity from my sources, so I am hereby renouncing the use of Allkpop on my blog. I promise to use sites like and check such sites with other ones for accuracy. Thank you.

What do you think about the situation?

Here’s some Ailee for you to enjoy and you can follow Ailee on Twitter, as well as using the hashtag “#StayStrongAIlee” to show your support.


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