Tony An is no longer Hyeri’s Man?!

Okay now. Let’s be clam and try to understand the situation. Old school K-pop fans will know Tony An was part of one of the most popular Korean boy bands back in the day called “H.O.T” (High-five of Teenagers). Lee Hyeri is a member of the girl group “Girl’s Day”, which gained a lot of attention when switching from their cute image to a sexy one with “Expectation” and “Female President”. Tony An is 35 (Korean Age: 36) years old and Hyeri is 19 (Korean Age: 20), which gives them a 10+ year gap in age. Most articles and shows use their Korean age, which solidifies a 16 year age gap when referring to said gap. This was an issue for some people, which either had people calling Tony An a “craddle robber” or Hyeri a “naive young girl”. These comments usually came from fangirls of Tony An, fanboys of Hyeri or just people who found the age gap uncomfortable for them. That’s really what it comes down to when I look at it. They kept reiterating that they could overcome the age gap, but people kept insisting it was wrong. “Why can’t he get someone his own age?” or “It’s like she’s dating her father” were common comments to find on forums covering this topic. While some of the comments might make little to no sense, others showed the discomfort was a personal one for people commenting. It really doesn’t affect any of those people personally and she is of legal age in South Korea, so there should be no problems. Alas, the world is not so logical and people made it their problem. This was a constant issue for the relationship of Tony An and Hyeri (often titled “Girl’s Day Hyeri).

Various terms got thrown at Tony An for dating such a young woman, mostly negative ones.

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I suppose some history needs to be explained concerning who Tony An is and maybe even why this got as much attention as it did. As I mentioned above, Tony An was a member of the popular Korean boy band called “H.O.T”, which stood for “High-five of Teenagers”. This is because they were formed when each member was a teenager and that was their target audience. There is some debate as to the details of their disbandment, but it happened in 2001 and still holds it’s legacy to this day. I called it old school K-pop because of what most people consider “modern K-pop”, which is mostly from 2NE1 and Big Bang to Girl’s Generation/SNSD and EXO. When new groups like Stellar and Spica show up, then it gets harder to see who is modern and who is not. Anyway, the group saw massive success and ended up with a large following around the world. They were under SM Entertainment and covered a variety of song types, such as rap, ballads and even rock. Tony An decided to form his own label called TN Entertainment and did a pretty good job of maintaining a good reputation. Now a little history on Girl’s Day. They are a more recent K-pop group, so I don’t believe I have to talk too much about their past. I’ll make this quick, since it’s a bit of a distraction from the main topic. Girl’s Day is pretty recent, since they were created in 2010 under Dream Tea Entertainment (doesn’t that sound nice ^u^). Girl’s Day usually has a cute concept, except for “Expectation” and “Female President” and their fan group is called “Daisy/Dai5y”. They consist of four members and Hyeri is maknae, which probably has something to do with the backlash against Tony An. It’s like be defensive of the youngest of your siblings or your youngest daughter. The relationship was revealed in April of this year by Sports Seoul. Sports Seoul is no BBC or CNN and they can be compared more to a Korean TMZ, but some people will say they are worse. Anyway, they got pictures of the two being close and eventually both parties came out. This means they didn’t jump into the public light, but were nudged into it.

Tony An and Lee Hyeri tried to be discreet when they were in a “testing” phase.

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Of course this relationship would be hard due to the age gap. Even with feeling of love and understanding, the age gap does matter. The issue is that is matters to Tony An and Hyeri in how it affects their lives, not the random fanboys and girls who find it “icky” or “wrong”. According to Tony An, the relationship almost ended in the early days because of the worrying effects the age gap would bring up. He mentioned this on an episode of MBC’s Quiz to Change the World, which seems to be a show idols find little problem sharing stories on. Tony An later mentioned Hyeri doing something to fix his worries, but that’s not elaborated on. It seemed everything was fine, even with the criticism of the relationship out there. However, we now know that Tony An and Lee Hyeri are no longer together. This news came out only two days ago and it appears to be the truth. My oh my, how cruel fate can be for those in love.

[Breaking] Tony Ahn and Girls’ Day Hyeri Break Up!

The classic “We’ll keep a good Senior-Junior relationship” remark strikes again. -_-

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The relationship was just 8 months old and yet it has come to an end.I suppose one argument is that it is better to end is now, than for it to end when the relationship is many years old. I simply believe that it is a shame when any relationship ends when both people love each other. A representative from Tony An’s agency was quoted saying “Tony and Hyeri have recently broken up… It’s not that something bad happened. After a long conversation, they decided to go back to being just sunbae and hoobae… Even after their break up, they’ve remained comfortable with one another and aren’t awkward around each other”. This is a pretty solid confirmation that the break-up is true, but that last part is yet to be seen and only time will tell. It’s speculation time! The rep mentions nothing bad happened and I’m fairly certain we’d have heard of anything illegal or big issues causing this break up. Sometimes the “busy schedule” excuse is not really an excuse at all. Some people even speculate a “fake break-up” to date in secret, but that makes no sense to me here. I believe the age gap went hand-in-hand with their busy schedules and caused this break up. Tony An can regulate his schedule a bit more than Lee Hyeri can, so the schedule part is most likely on Hyeri’s side. Some people say that Tony An is at an age when he’s thinking of settling down, while Hyeri is young and figuring out her life. I actually agree with this stance and I was even told it about a couple I know in a similar situation. Tony An has mentioned how Hyeri is very mature, but that doesn’t change the fact that she is around the age when people are starting to solidify their life plans. That requires a bit of flexibility and Hyeri might have figured that she wants to grow as an artist more. We saw that the marriage and family path can have a major effect on an idol’s life, such as Sun(Sunye) of Wonder Girls. It’s a shame, but it might be for the best. A relationship ending does not mean it can’t start up again, especially when the reason is busy schedules or age. Hyeri might one day reunite with Tony An or they could both move on. You can watch over them, but try not to get too involved. It’s her life and it’s his life in the end, so try to respect that.

What are your thoughts on the issue?

Also, here’s some nice tunes to enjoy both parties’ music. ^^


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