Song of the Week: Lee Jung Hyun’s “V”

This song took me completely by surprise, but I loved it. Some people found out about it from the blog “EatYourKimchi” (EYK), but I found it from various articles and followed it. The MV is horror-themed and that peaked my interest. I was fascinated further by Lee Jung Hyun’s title as the “Techno Queen”, which comes from some pioneering work she did with techno in the Korean music world. Go back to her early work and she is just as unique.

Be more cool! Be more chic! Be more like Lee Jung Hyun! There’s nothing wrong with that. ^^

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The MV takes about a minute and 40 seconds to get started, but the story involved is worth the wait. You think you’re watching a drama and might even act as you do in a regular horror drama/movie. Telling the protagonist not to go here or there and finding yourself spooked at certain scenes. I put together a plot for the MV myself, which seems like it’s overly complicated when you look at the translated lyrics. I figured she was a ghost of some kind and the man in the MV had left her alone. She eventually lured people to her mansion and cursed them, eventually taking over them. The women were brides who were also abandoned and the men could be men she lured there or the bride’s grooms-to-be. She finally managed to draw her groom back (injured man) when he was near her mansion and eventually gain control over him. The man looks frightened at her and it makes little sense “plot-wise” if it was just seeing her, since she is very attractive. I believe he was frightened to see her alive or even at all, which led to the scenes that followed. The thing that makes me call my plot a bit “complicated” were the translated lyrics I mentioned earlier. Lines like “Should I dump you or not”, “Saying you only have me, oh boy” and “Today is spent with tears again/You easily say baby baby baby baby, what you do/Actually, I’m waiting for you” make me have second thoughts. There are no plot specific lines in the song, but the lines could be applied to the my plot. I don’t see any plot explanation for the MV, which I’m starting to wish existed. Nevertheless, the MV is amazing and the song is catchy. An added bonus is the way the MV makes you think about such plots and make your own version of the story within the framework it provides. That is amazing to me and I still enjoy the song to this day. \^u^/

*Note: I’ve only seen her wear the wedding dress outfit when performing on stage. It makes sense, since the bride-angle is the main focus of the song.

Here’s the “Making Of” for the MV, which is filled with fun and behind-the-scenes parts.

Here’s the amazing MV itself (I advise not skipping any part, since the end also has a nice surprise).

Finally, here is the Dance Version of the MV (just in case you’re wondering how it looks in a dance-focused performance).

I thought I’d also throw in an extra clip of her early days. This is her very popular and famous “Wa” MV.


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