2NE1 Hologram Concert!

2NE1 as holograms are amazing and put on just as powerful of a performance at the real deal. 2NE1 recently used this technology at KBEE 2013. Elaborating on the technology is hard for me, but it appears to involve 3D technology and can be used to allow artists a transcendence when performing. This means the artist can perform feats they normally could not, such as transitions from one stage to another. A more percise example is during the performance of “Fire” by 2NE1, there is a transition from Dara to CL that happens as soon as Dara finished her part. This part is when Dara has multiple arms and traditional Indian attire on in the Space Version of the MV. Of course Dara could not produce multiple arms in a live performance, but a hologram concert allows such things. The benefit is more creativity and perhaps even the added benefit of alluding to parts of the MV for a song. Technical problems can pose a greater threat, but there a many benefits to promote the use of such technology.

2NE1 is known for being adventurous with fashion and performances. 

[Photo Credit: allkpop.com] Link: http://tinyurl.com/muq7rnt

Back to a bit of “fanboying”. London Blackjacks were very lucky to meet them and some even tweeted about conversations with a certain member or pictures with them. Oh, the envy is strong in this fanboy. Even so, I’m still happy for those fans. I can’t wait for the day I get a picture or a few words in a conversation. A “follow” on Twitter and my life is set. (><) Anyway, the fierceness of 2NE1 comes through live and through holograms. I believe this technology will become popular in use because of it’s ability to reach many people around the world. Safety reasons or hectic schedules have a lower impact on an artist holding a concert in a given area. That does not mean those factors mean nothing anymore and the biggest reason will always be costs. Nevertheless, I see “hologram concerts” growing in popularity as the years go by. I will still always hold live concerts closest to my heart. ^^

Here’s some highlights from the concert and 2NE1 awesomeness for you. ^^


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