Brown Eyed Girls Sub-Unit Confirmed!!!

This is big news for all Everlasting (fans of B.E.G) and even people who love Brown Eyed Girls (B.E.G)! Brown Eyed Girls has never had a sub-unit yet. Ga-in made her solo debut a while back, but never a sub-unit. A sub-unit can be a duo (two) or as many as the group has, until there is one left. So, a four member group can make a duo like this upcoming sub-unit or a three person unit. Each member has done various activities individually, but this will be the first sub-unit since their debut.

B.E.G recently came back with “Kill Bill” and proved their sexy fierceness is still going strong. 

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Various sources had confirmed Miryo and Narsha were making an official sub-unit and would appear on music shows around the middle of November. This is fantastic news because it means fans will not have to wait long. has a quote from a rep that states “Recently, we have decided on the unit name and are preparing the mini-album . . . We have already completed working on the songs and only have to record them now.” I can’t wait to hear the name of the sub-unit and the songs. That same rep is quoted saying that there will be a different charm with this sub-unit. I wonder what that could mean, but I’m fine with whatever they come out with in the end. I love Miryo’s rapping and fierceness, so I’m very excited that she is in this sub-unit. Narsha is a cool beauty too, so that combination will be amazing. A “different charm” has me thinking, since I figure most people can see a “fierce-sexy” concept as predictable. Even if it is enjoyable, it is not different from the same feel B.E.G already brings to fans. I’m even more curious now, so that rep definitely earned his pay with that comment. It makes sense that Ga-in is not in the group, since she has her own solo music activities. JeA also had a solo album earlier in the year, so this seems to be a strong year for Brown Eyed Girls.

Miryo and Narsha are beacons of sexiness and coolness, so this unit will be a strong one.

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What do you think? Are you excited for this new sub-unit?

Here’s some B.E.G awesomeness while you wait for the new unit to come. ^^


The new sub-unit will be called “M&N” and their digital single will come out on November 11th. That means no waiting long and you can start creating fun fan names. “M&N” may not be breaking any molds in terms of creativity, but I feel their music will be just as amazing. ^^

This new poster for the sub-unit entices anticipating fans even more. 

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Look forward to it! Only one week to go!


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