Online Voting Stats for MAMA 2013

40.5% is a big percentage of votes and this number reflects the number of votes from China in MAMA 2013. I recall a lot of the votes coming from China for MAMA 2012 as well. This trend does not appear to have changed for this year. MAMA 2013 will also be held in Hong Kong once again. I have no idea why this is happening, but I’ll deal with it. I would have loved to attend this year, but Hong Kong is a bit too far for my wallet right now. Anyway, most of the votes coming from China is a big sign labels should be paying attention to and makes weighing votes a bit interesting.

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According to the MAMA website, 40.5% of votes are coming from China and the runner up for voting percentage is SE Asia with 28%. This makes a group’s popularity in China especially important and then SE Asia as well. If you are a group and you’ve cancelled a concert in SE Asia before (which has happened), then that might hurt your chances for MAMA votes. Not every group cares about MAMA awards and some groups barely care when they do. I suppose there are bigger awards to have and other things to focus on. Even so, that same site says Korea is sending in 18.6% of the votes for MAMA 2013. It is interesting how MAMA is promoted as the biggest awards ceremony for Kpop and associated Asian pop music, yet Korea is coming in third for voting percentages. I wonder about why China has the biggest percentage for votes. I don’t believe the location matters, so is it the groups that are nominated? Maybe. Perhaps the size of the nation matters? Surely it does, but Korea coming in second still seems surprising to me. I wonder how so many people are voting though. I would have thought the Korean fans would be rallying everyone to vote for their group. I know I am doing that for 2NE1 and the US is only at 4.2%, which settles it one spot above last place. That place goes to Japan with a low 1.5%.

Promoting is important to getting your group votes and “Vote Together” option also helps. 

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These percentages make me think for a moment about how much votes should be weighed. If the overwhelming percentage is coming from one country and some groups are unpopular there, then it’s almost unlikely they will get any awards. It’s like showing up to the award show and one group wins everything. You might as well have just walked up the red carpet (I think it was red), gone on the stage and spoke, then head straight home. Why sit through an entire awards ceremony to just go home with nothing? Meet and greet other idols? I’m not sure many idols care too much about that, especially when it’s not a social mixer-type event. Camera time? Not many of the idols that show up get on the camera anyways. At least if you are not performing, then you get attention. Reducing the weight of votes from a nation to make things a bit fairer for groups not popular in that area might seem like a fix, but a new unevenness will occur if that nation ever dips in percentage of votes. All that leaves as an option is making sure to promote more in that nation that supplied that largest percentage of votes for the last MAMA. Again, this is only if the label/group cares about MAMA enough.

In the end, all it seems the fans of a group can do is promote to fellow fans and hope for the best. Online voting counts for about 10 or 20% of the overall score, so don’t lose faith if online polls show your group behind. Also, don’t get too cocky if your group is ahead. Another option is fans appealing to the labels and offering advice for them to see. You’d be surprised how much attention these labels will pay attention to a good point. Keep on voting everyone and of course I have to promote 2NE1, so there you go. ^^

Here is the link to vote:

Also, this is to see the ranking:


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