Song of the Week: miss A’s “I don’t need a man”

My first ‘Song of the Week’ entry is here! So the song I’ve chosen is a song that has been in my head all week. Time for the big reveal. It’s miss A’s “I don’t need a man”! ^^

I mentioned the “earworm-hook” before. The chorus definitely helps, but the rest of the song is just as good. The message certainly is a great one, but I especially love the way their voices help that message. miss A sounds very confident as they sing and their movements are strong. It’s a nice alternative to the cutesy and aegyo-filled side of K-pop. That side is nice too, but I have always been attracted to the fierce and confident-filled side of K-pop.

Jia doing some “freestyle” movement here was a great surprise for me. I loved it so much. 😀

[Photo Credit:]

The quick questions of “What?!”, “Really?” and then “Truly” are enjoyable because they seem to be quick responses to the chorus of “I don’t need a man”. In the end, I really like this song and I hope everyone else will grow to like it too.

That’s it for this week. See? I can like other songs from other groups too. If anyone recalls, I did mention my “Blackjack” status. No need to fear because I’m a fair person and listen to other groups too. I hope everyone looks forward to next week’s “Song of the Week”


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