Vote 2NE1 for MAMA 2013!

It’s that time of the week again! The time when I tap into my inner fanboy and promote 2NE1! I’m sure fans of Kpop know that MAMA 2013 is coming up soon because a lot of Kpop pages are promoting the groups they want to win. I’m here to back up 2NE1 and YG Family overall. The Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) is an awards ceremony for Kpop music and top celebrities attend, which range from actors/actresses to idols. Foreign stars are also know to show up, which shows the reach of MAMA. The show also gives out awards to musicians in other parts of Asia, such as Thailand (for Tpop) and China (for Cpop). Some people forget that those genres exist, but MAMA doesn’t forget. MAMA 2012 was my first MAMA and now I can’t let it go. It was held in Hong Kong last year and it appears that it is going to be held there again (no fair!). ><


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Anyway, 2NE1 is in various categories this year and CL has a few on her own for “Baddest Female”. I’m urging anyone who reads this entry to vote for 2NE1! I feel I must do what I can to help 2NE1 win as a Blackjack. Anyway, the link to vote will be below. MAMA 2013 will be held on Friday, November 22nd. Don’t forget to tune in and see the amazing event that will be MAMA 2013.


MAMA can be watched on the MNET Youtube channel or whatever channel is comes on for television (if you have a Korean channel package with your cable/dish provider).


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