Hyorin Solo Debut Upcoming!

Many Star1s or fans of Hyorin saw this news coming. It appears that Starship Entertainment is confirmed to be giving SISTAR’s leader a solo. It reminds me of how CL of 2NE1 got a solo debut. Hyorin has a powerful voice and I think she’ll do well in a solo debut. I remember when she sang a short bit for Hugh Jackman on Star King. Her voice carried well and made a good impression.

The referenced part starts at 4:02 in the video.

According to allkpop.com, Hyorin’s solo album debut comes from her rising popularity in radio and television shows. Television shows most likely refers to variety shows, but there are a few other shows as well. Hyorin’ solo album is confirmed, yet there is no release date. Hyorin is not only a member of SISTAR, but the sub-group/duo SISTAR19 as well. The name is ‘SISTAR19’ supposedly because it is about a 19 year old girl coming into being a woman. Rumors of Hyorin’s solo debut go back as far as this summer and maybe even further.

[Photo Credit: allkpop.com] Link: http://tinyurl.com/kfblpeq

If a Kpop idol has a powerful enough voice, then it seems most people believe they can make a solo debut. This was something I saw came up when people began to wonder what Nicole of KARA would do, if she left KARA for good. Some mentioned a solo debut, but others didn’t believe she had a powerful enough voice to go solo. I noticed some people mentioning that Soyu of SISTAR did not get enough attention in the group and should get the solo debut. It’s not like only one member can make a solo debut, but I would have loved to see a Soyu solo too. I guess that solo will have to wait, if it is even being considered. Soyu recently made a song with Mad Clown called ‘Stupid in Love’.

Either way, I do agree that Hyorin could make a good solo debut. I look forward to seeing her solo album and I can wait as long as it takes. Perhaps the more time she takes, the better it will come out. I’ll also be holding onto hope for a Soyu solo album/debut in the future. *^u^*

So, are you looking forward to Hyorin’s solo debut?

Also, what do you think about a Soyu solo debut?


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