[[[Quick Update: IU Never Planned to Go Easy on Rumor Spreader]]]

Just a quick notice for people who care. It seems IU never planned to be lenient on the person who spread the marriage and pregnancy rumors about her. This was revealed on an installment of ‘Ssul Jeon‘ on October 17th. Heechul revealed that IU was advised by her label, Loen Entertainment, and others on her side to go for leniency. It’s like when a lawyer tells their client to settle when they could win. There are usually a few reasons for this and not being seen as some angry woman on a rampage might be one reason why Loen Entertainment advised her to “settle” and not go for a full punishment. The rumor spreader made many excuses, like being emotionally distraught and so on, when he met with IU’s side. This was mentioned by the MCs and it is likely why Loen Entertainment decided to push her to go lenient. I wish she had gotten her way, but at least it is settled and IU can move on.

Here is the video of the segment of the show mentioned above concerning IU. (It’s in Korean. If you don’t know Korean, then find a way to sub it or just enjoy the visuals) ^^


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