2013 Korean Food Festival Fun!

I happened upon a wonderful festival today. I was just walking through Times Square in Manhattan and wanted to sit on the large staircase to relax. I walked in front of the staircase and saw a Korean food stand. I looked up and saw the banner that said “2013 Korean Food Festival”.  I was very happy because I thought my weekend would be a bummer due to work. I immediately ran into the festival to have fun.

[Photo Credit: Me! ^^]

I passed by stalls selling a variety of food and snacks. There were noodles in a cup, which were dried and ranged from normal to spicy. There was gimbap, ginseng tea and a variety of other foods from all areas (like seafood and candy). There were stands solely devoted to promoting Korean food and ingredients used in food, such a special mushrooms and ginseng itself. The food was all free and you could even get information on where the shops selling these ingredients were located. That does mean there are Korean shops and neighborhoods outside of KTown. I was soon drawn to the large screen near the stage, which often displayed Korean farms and markets filled with K-Food. This should be obvious because the title of the festival involved food. It even showed KARA, who are apparently endorsers of K-Food. It was interesting to see them up there and being the only one who apparently knew exactly who they were (before Kpop fans started to show up). ><

[Photo Credit: Me again! :3] This was Speed with ‘It’s Over’. 

They also played a few other K-pop MVs, but there were not many. I guess it makes sense since it was supposed to be mostly focused on food and not Kpop. Some people even “awwed” went T-ara’s ‘Sexy Love’ was cut off for a new performance. >_<;;

[Photo Credit: Me…they’re all mine. ><] T-ara N4’s ‘Jeon Won Diary’. I missed pictures for ‘Sexy Love’. Sorry. 

[Photo Credit: Me…I keep doing this…><‘] I actually don’t know who she is, but she was nice. ^^;

[Photo Credit: Me…of course] Seriously, tell me if you know who she is and I will update these captions. o.o

[Photo Credit: Me…please bare with me ^_^;] This was my first time hearing Davichi. They are good. 

[Photo Credit: Me…duh…] Alternate shot of Davichi.

[Photo Credit: Me…again] I don’t know who he is, but he was in this MV for Davichi.

[Photo Credit: Me…always me] I actually have no idea which group this is, but the guy in the center is supposed to be there for humor in this instance. Again, tell me if you recognize them and I will update the caption. 

Once ‘Sexy Love’ stopped and the “awws” died down, the performances started. I’m not sure what delayed them, but they were worth it. The K-Tigers (a taekwondo group) performed and danced at the same time. There was a traditional Korean marching band beforehand and a K-pop dance cover group as well. The K-Tigers went up first and did amazing moves.

[Photo Credit: Me…I’m getting tired of mentioning it too] I got him in a nice spin and hey, I did get a shot of ‘Sexy Love’ in the back. ^^

[Photo Credit: Me.., once more] Notice that guy looking at the screen. They are Kpop fans. Trust me on that one. ^_^

The Kpop dance cover group, I  ❤ Dance, came up next and was what most people seemed to be waiting for the whole time. No knock on the K-Tigers, but the roar of the crowd was enormous when they came out. The MC even tested people by starting the chorus for 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care” and 2PM’s “Again & again”. Most people passed the test. >_<

[Photo Credit: Me…because I’m awesome] They started with CL’s ‘Baddest Female’ and it made everyone scream. It was amazing and very well done.

Now for some video to enjoy. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them all. Enjoy! ^_^

[Video available by following this link because Facebook is annoying with video: http://tinyurl.com/lpybn3g ] *Note at bottom

The Korean Food Festival appears to go on for two days, which are Saturday and Sunday. It is likely this way each year, so there is more fun tomorrow. The Kpop dance cover group seems to only come one day or they only did this year. They are certainly a group to see, so good luck and enjoy the spread of the Hallyu Wave wherever you live. ^_^

*Note: It seems Facebook is being difficult, so only friends of myself on Facebook will be able to see the videos. I made them public, but that doesn’t seem to matter. I’ll try to work on it later and get back to it as soon as possible. If I need to, I will upload them onto YouTube when I have time. I’ll also change the settings back to ‘Friends’, until I complete the uploading process. I’ll try to do that tomorrow. Please be patient and thank you for your understanding.


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