2NE1: Awesome Ambassadors for KBEE 2013

The wonderful girls of 2NE1 were chosen to be the honorary ambassadors in the ‘Korea Brand and Entertainment Expo’ this year(KBEE 2013). The KBEE is a giant trade fair/convention that promotes the Hallyu Wave through Korean fashion, products and other cultural aspects. It is also meant to be a place of international cooperation, which is done through the promotion of Korean culture. I am very proud to see 2NE1 being representatives at such an important event. I love the spread of the Hallyu Wave and believe it helps those already in it to meet new friends.


[Photo Credit:geunshinaddict.blogspot.com] Link:http://tinyurl.com/lnwa2yv

The KBEE also shares a more serious side of the Hallyu Wave, which is the economic structure of Korean businesses. Many of them will show up to promote their business and show off their (presumably) impressive structure.  2NE1 was a great choice to be ambassadors and that is coming form more than my bias. They are very poular on an international level and have connections to people outside of South Korea, such as fellow artist Will.i.am and fashion designer Jeremy Scott. They’ve done a collaboration with Will.i.am and have worn Jeremy Scott’s creations before.


[Photo Credit: Let’s play 2NE1 (LP21)] Link:http://tinyurl.com/mcn72vn

Anyway, this event is a good place to see the effect of the Hallyu Wave and just how big it really is now. It’s also a good chance for anyone to expand their knowledge of Korean culture. Also, 2NE1 will be there. That alone is reason for me to go, but you can make the call yourself. The event will take place at Old Bilingsgate in London from November 4th to 6th. Check it out.

Also, here is that collaboration between 2NE1 and Will.i.am for you. ^^


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