Baek Ji Young Hunting Down Netizens!

This is a very important issue for me and it shows just how bad netizens can be, especially in the world of K-pop. Baek Ji Young, a pop ballad singer, is now suing 11 males for their malicious comments to her about her miscarriage. You did not read that wrong, by the way. There were netizens who left malicious comments to her about her miscarriage, which ranged from her deserving it or even being grateful for it because it will allow her to keep performing. These comments are not only malicious, but they are heartless too. I won’t use a name, but someone in my family has gone through the same incident as Baek Ji Young and it is one of the most horrible events for a woman to go through. She carried that life in her for a long time and to lose it in the end is a horrible event. My family member immediately became depressed and there is a risk that depression can lead to the person losing their will to live. It is not a joke, yet there are heartless scum out there that believe it is or just want to “kick her while she is down”.

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I’m no expert on Baek Ji Young and I’m not sure how many people are, since some people only know idols in groups or at the forefront of the K-pop world. Baek Ji Young entered the industry in 1999 with the album Sorrow. It is famous for being one of the first K-pop songs to feature Latin beats and it charted well. She continued to make successful albums and made soundtracks for dramas as well. A few dramas that Baek Ji Young’s has made soundtracks for include Spring Rain for Gu Family Book, Don’t Forget for IRIS and That Woman for Secret Garden. There have been troubles in her life, such as suing a plastic surgery clinic using her image without her permission and so on, but the overall point is she has done well for herself.

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Baek Ji Young had married the actor Jung Suk-won in June of 2013 and was expected her first child with him, but the miscarriage dashed those hopes on June 27, 2013. She was reported to have been four months into her pregnancy, which hit her hard. She went on a show called ‘Healing Camp’ for it’s October 7th broadcast and shared her feelings about the miscarriage. It should be obvious that she was distraught, but she shared that she was stable for most of her pregnancy. Baek Ji Young  apparently gained a lot of weight in a short time and followed up on advice to exercise. However, an infection showed up later on and may have contributed to her miscarriage. According to, Baek Ji Young said “What I want to honestly say is that unlike dating and marriage, the pain of a miscarriage is not a happening that one can go around talking about easily. To me and my family, it was a big incident that should never happen again, but a lot of people began to say bad things about it. The public should know about celebrities’ personal lives, and we should tell them. But I wondered up to what level should I receive protection and up to what point should I receive criticism. Because I received emergency surgery for my miscarriage at 4 AM, the first article came out at 9 AM. So before my family was able to even process the shock from the news, the article already made headlines.” She was not even able to process everything and the whole world was already learning about it. Making a woman cry and break down over something she did her best to avoid is a truly horrible thing to do.

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This is where I feel these netizens are just horrible people. I hate having to call them people, but there are only so many words I can use. I believe they are heartless scum. Baek Ji Young said something close to “children are gifts from heaven” on ‘Healing Camp’, so how dare anyone cause her more additional pain for her miscarriage. She can only control how healthy she is so far. Infections and miscarriages happen out of nowhere sometimes. You can’t tell me you expected her to lock herself in a protective bubble and not leave it, until the baby was born. She has a life to live and she was ecstatic for her first child. This happiness was robbed from her and making her feel worse about it shows a great deal of insensitivity and ignorance from anyone who did that to her. THE MISCARRIAGE WAS NOT HER FAULT. According to a recent article on, Baek Ji Young said There was one comment that said Baek Ji Young’s new song came out.  The title is ‘The Great Miscarriage,’ featuring [my husband] Jung Suk Won.  I couldn’t really comprehend it.  It made me want to see the face of whoever wrote it.” This is an atrocious comment to make and you cannot tell me that person was trying to be funny. That comment is not only ignorant, but blatantly malicious. It fully intends to harm and even mock Baek Ji Young. That was one of the final straws that made her file the lawsuit, which currently has 11 males in it. They apparently range from young men to adult men. These men have absolutely NO idea what it is like to carry life inside them. They do NOT know what it is like to lose a child you have been hoping to bring into the world for months or even years. These malicious comment makers are the cruelest, most ignorant scum this earth has to offer.  I am personally glad she is pursuing legal measures against them. I believe they public should know who they are and those horrible people should be shamed. They don’t deserve a settlement or any mercy. This incident is not funny and no personal problems permit a person to mock and attack someone over their miscarriage.


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I am glad to hear that her side has no plans to be lenient on the men and hopefully that carries over to any other individuals they find. So, what are your thoughts? What do you think about these malicious comment-leaving individuals?

Stay strong, noona! Also, here is some music from Baek Ji Young.


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