[[Update: IU Rumor Spreader Sentenced]]

So, the netizen who spread the marriage and pregnancy rumors about IU was finally sentenced. Criminal charges were dropped, however the trade off was 200 hours of community service. The netizen is still referred to as “A” and it is uncertain if he ever met IU face-to-face, but he did work out a deal with Loen Entertainment. The case is reported to be terminated, which is likely because a deal or “settlement” was made by the two parties. This makes me believe “A” was underage or young enough to evoke mercy from representatives in Loen Entertainment. That or he met with someone and convinced them he was not a completely horrible person. I recall reports saying “A” said he was going through tough times and was essentially “emotionally unstable” when he made the malicious rumors. I suppose that won enough people over for the deal to be made and perhaps he had no past instances of similar behavior. Either way, I hope the rumors will finally go away now and IU can focus on her future success.

[Photo Credit: allkpop.com] Link: http://tinyurl.com/mw4hq9a

Do you think “A” got off too easy or was the “settlement” fair? You can voice your opinion below.

Also, you’ve heard about IU’s comeback by now. If you have not, then here is the MV for ‘Red Shoes’. Enjoy! ^^


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