IU Pregnancy & Marriage Rumor Spreader Caught!

Okay, so this news came out about six days ago across the web. The rumors about IU marrying Super Junior’s Eunhyuk appeared on the web around May 27, 2013. These rumors made it appear that IU and Eunhyuk had “tied the knot” and the pregnancy rumors followed. Loen Entertainment quickly released statements dismissing both, which was an obvious move. A company’s first move for potential scandals is always “Deny first, then deal with fallout later”. Even if the rumor ends up being true, entertainment labels seem to prefer this method.  It seems the labels prefer doing damage control, instead of elaborating on a situation. This is not to say the labels are liars because sometimes the labels are caught by surprise too. Idols are not required to tell their labels everything and some don’t reveal everything to their labels, even if they are told to do so.

Such a tough decision to make. Hide things or just let it all out. 

[Photo Credit: Allkpop.com] Link: http://tinyurl.com/k8errj5

Anyway, these rumors were soon proved false and people moved on. Well, some people moved on. Loen Entertainment was not going to take this kind of behavior. Maybe having the “Nation’s Little Sister” had a factor in that. I have no idea how many “Nation’s Little Sister”s there have been, but I don’t think she was the only one. Around September 23rd, it appears that Loen Entertainment has found the spreader of these malicious rumors.  It was also mentioned that IU planned to meet this person face-to-face, but Loen Entertainment want to watch the situation more.

Look into those eyes and tell me you have confidence confessing talking smack about her to her face.

Photo Credit: [jesmaraledominiclancin of en.korea.com.] Link: http://tinyurl.com/m6a2nl4

I feel that IU meeting this person, with the proper protection, would be a good thing. People like this perpetrator tend to be less confident when the “veil of anonymity” granted by the internet is removed. I believe this guy should have to looker her in the eyes and explain himself. I doubt he’d be able to do it with confidence. The bigger issue here is how companies handle rumors being spread about their idols. I believe there are three big options available to labels.

The first option is ignoring the rumors altogether. Some labels choose to do this because they rumors are not worth addressing or they feel it will die down. Sometimes this is because the rumor is too ludicrous for anyone to believe or the label feels fighting back will only hurt the targeted artist in the long run. This can work, but sometimes it becomes too much for the artist to deal with (either because anti-fans/haters embrace the rumor or variety hosts keep asking about it). This leads  to the second option, which is face the problem. This usually involves the artist publicly dismissing the rumors or the label pursuing legal action. If the rumor gets bad enough, then usually the artist denying the rumor only gets a “They’re obviously lying” reaction. This is why the label usually take legal action when such a thing happens. I believe they should pursue these people more often. I know JYP Entertainment did it when a Twitter user sent profane images to Bae Suzy over Twitter (although there was the added point of her legally being a minor). I believe the “veil of anonymity” that internet grants its users makes people feel untouchable. They develop some kind of “god complex” and nothing good ever happens when people develop that, especially internet users. Finding them is one thing, but I believe they should be brought before the artists and explain themselves. They are already shamed when legal action is taken against them and people know who they are, but they need to realize the artists are people too. They are hurting actual people and these people need to face the artists they are hurting.

The third option is far too unethical to me, but it is very possible that some labels try to use this method. This method is using the rumor for publicity. The name for this is often called “noise marketing”. This involves the label using the rumor to draw attention to the artist, often because that artist is currently promoting something or has a comeback coming up. This can be very bad because it is almost saying the rumor is true or likely to be true. Such an action can end up causing a backlash (opposite result of attention intended) or ruin the artist’s reputation forever. I cannot think of any labels I can tag this method too, but I know it is an option. It is an option I would advise all labels avoid. Also, it’s best not to lie. Some labels try this and it only makes things worse.

Overall, I have heard no news on IU meeting this perpetrator yet, but I hope he ends up having to look her in the eyes and face the consequences of his actions from IU herself. I know that an angry IU is not an IU I want to be around or cause. Despite all of this, IU is currently working on her upcoming album. I am definitely looking forward to it.


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